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Medication pharmaceuticals vs alternative

I struggle with the meds I'm on, I'm on Morphine (fentanyl patches) pregabalin and amityptaline ... But I'm still in pain. 
So. my question is can I see a specialist doctor with the view to usingng medical cannabis because these meds have and are making my life impossible.... I have deep seated neuropathic pain with is retractable so it's always there .. 34yrs of all the painkillers available and it hasn't got any better ..  


  • janekim96P
    janekim96P Member Posts: 44 Courageous
    Hi Bryanlea I know exactly how your feeling I'm on the morphine capsules slow release zomorph and oramormoph solution n gabbapentin nothing touches the side's I'm so fed up of the constant back and shoulder pain but only for 4 years I've tried everything so I've started reducing my zomorph and over the past 9 months I've halved the mg intake and got rid of naproxen I've never thought about asking about the medical canabis cause of the typical comments I wouldn't like to be associated with pot head's not that I've got anything against what their drug of choice is as it's better than heroin or cocaine addiction but being on the zomorph makes me feel like a junkie so I'm definitely going to mention it to my doctor next week when I see her anything has got to be better than this never ending repeat scripts for morphine I'm so pleased you brought this up for discussion good luck with your pain and great idea! I'd like to hear other people's opinions on this subject please? For example would it help me get some sleep and help with the pain ect? As atm I'm lucky to get 3-4 hours max each night I'm stuck in a rut and also suffer from anxiety and depression alongside the chronic back pain and ostioarthritis can't spell any advice gladly received for Bryanlea and myself goodnight all I'm gonna try and get some sleep ?????
  • paisleyjane
    paisleyjane Member Posts: 5 Listener
    Hi, I've considered the cannabis route. Apparently the stuff that gives you a high is taken out. Cost is what's stopping me. I've had benefits reduced and money is tight so scripts are free. My son was encouraging me to try it, would like to hear from anyone that has. I am going to mention it at pain clinic. The naproxen caused renal damage, which so far hasn't resolved, so anyone should take them with caution, as I only took for 3 months.
    All the best.x
  • BryanLea52
    BryanLea52 Member Posts: 6 Connected
    If you eat cannabis or cook with it then the psychoactive element is reduced, you will speed better too
  • chrisvanf
    chrisvanf Member Posts: 63 Courageous
    I was told by my pain team that no 1 painkiller is any use for nerve or neuropathic pain, if it takes the edge off then great, if it doesn't, try something else.

    As a youngster I used cannabis on more than one occasion and while it relaxed me fully, and gave me the best night sleeps ever, I never "tripped" as the experts put it, in fact no-one I know or knew ever "tripped" or had a psychotic episode on cannabis alone.

    And If I still smoked, I would be smoking it at night to give me a long pain free and restful sleep.

    The sooner the Gov't busybodies legalise it for medicinal purposes the better.

    Cake anyone lol!!
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  • GalDriver
    GalDriver Member Posts: 50 Courageous
    I make fudge from cannabis tincture and it relaxes the pain like no prescribed, pharmaceutical, drug I've ever tried! BUT it's expensive and I have to test the dosage carefully I don't want to get stoned and couldn't handle it (I can barely walk/transfer now). I so long for it to be re-legalised....yes...RE-legalised. It was made illegal in the early 20th century.....about the time that pharmaceutical companies became big enough to flex their muscles. GRRRR.
  • BryanLea52
    BryanLea52 Member Posts: 6 Connected
    Yes I too know all the history of cannabis.. Yes I couldn't a ford to self medicate otherwise I would as I would rather be illegal and pain free or on pharma and in pain.. Hopefully we will see a change soon
  • Pippa_Alumni
    Pippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,798 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi all, just a friendly reminder that whilst you're free to share your own experiences with medication here on the community, please do not take medical advice only from members of the community. You should always seek advice from a medical professional involved in your care before making any changes to your medication. Thanks! 
  • Waylay
    Waylay Member Posts: 971 Pioneering
    I take CBD in my vape (Vine e-liquid), but it's crazy expensive.


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