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Daughter Unable to get on School Bus

My daughter has a rare genetic condition called hypermobile ehlers-danlos syndrome. Basically she is double jointed which causes her joints to come appart and then snap back together causing chronic 24/7 joint pain. She walks with crutches and has a blue badge for the car.

Our local council kindly provided her with a free shool bus pass on medical grounds. Sadly however lots of parents at a near by primary school park in the bus stop and stop my daughter from getting on the bus. How can a 12 year old disabled girl on crutches climb over parked cars in order to get on her school bus?

I have contacted Leicestershire County Council about this matter. They say as there are no yellow lines in the bus stop, there is nothing they can do. They suggested contacting the Police.

The Police say they can move people on however do not have the manpower to enforce anything permanentally. They suggested contacting the Parish Council requesting yellow lines be painted in the bus stop.

My Parish Council say that it is the responsibility of Leicestershire County Council to paint the lines.

I have asked Leicestershire County Council to paint yellow lines in the bus stop. They say that as there are no yellow lines, there is nothing they can do to enforce parking restrictions??? I repeated, please paint the yellow lines on the bus stop so that you can enforce the parking restrictions. Guess what? They say that as there are no yellow lines, there is nothing they can do to enforce parking restrictions!!!!

Gaaah! Has anyone has any issues such as these and have any adive please? I wonder if I need to quote the disability discrimination act at the council?



  • hartill77
    hartill77 Member Posts: 97 Courageous
    Hi @mildenhall

    It could be worth contacting the primary school and explaining to them. Maybe they could send a letter to all the parents. 
    Sounds like everyone else you've contacted is just trying to pass the blame. 
    I don't have any personal experience in anything like this. 
    Maybe a petition so people know how it's affecting you/ your daughter.  Everyone is so busy rushing in the mornings they don't realise how it affects you/your daughter.
    Hope you resolve the situation. 

  • exdvr
    exdvr Member Posts: 331 Pioneering
    Hello @Mildenhall......it seems to be a case of everyone passing the buck here, but the local authority have a legal obligation to get your disabled daughter to school even if it necessitates getting a taxi if the bus isn't suitable.  Perhaps they should be reminded of their responsibility.  Even the threat of some bad publicity might be enough to get a positive outcome.    Best wishes.

    Best wishes.


  • Geoark
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    @mildenhall the yellow lines are not necessary as this is covered by rule 243 in the Highway Code, which states among other locations that drivers must not park in bus stops. The issue is with enforcement, which in your case would probably be Leicestershire County Council. You can find out more at https://www.leicestershire.gov.uk/roads-and-travel/cars-and-parking/parking-enforcement

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  • debbiedo49
    debbiedo49 Member Posts: 2,904 Disability Gamechanger
    This might sound daft but, could the council or school paint in a disabled car parking space ?
  • mildenhall
    mildenhall Member Posts: 3 Listener
    edited October 2018
    @Geoark I can recite that rule from memory. The council deny responsibility due to the lack of lines (I know the lines need painting but they keep repeating themselves) and the Police do not have the man power to enforce any obstruction laws.
    @hartill77 I have contacted the school and they say that their responsibility ends at the school gate. @exdvr you're spot on! I have mentioned to the school that good publicity about them helping with parking issues is better than an article in the Leicester Mercury about them not caring about an alumni and disabled local resident that cannot get on a bus due to parents from their school.

    My local Parish Council seem helpful and have taken on the case, though I will wait to see how effective they are.

    I don't want to insist on a Taxis for my daughter as that makes her even more "different" than she already is with her crutches. It's also not the point and almost admitting defeat. I'l use this as a final straw.
  • mildenhall
    mildenhall Member Posts: 3 Listener
    edited October 2018
    @debbiedo49 That's a possibility however all the people / agencies involved deny responsibility for painting anything on the roads! :disappointed:

  • debbiedo49
    debbiedo49 Member Posts: 2,904 Disability Gamechanger
    Is it a possibility? 


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