Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
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Contradictory information regarding enhanced disability premium (single)

Hi. I hope someone here who may have experienced the same thing will be able to advise me. In January of this year, I received a council tax reduction notice letter which had listed on it the enhanced disability premium (single) on it. This was £15.90 at the time and this amount was used in calculating my reduction. The problem was I have never received the enhanced disability premium. I queried this with the council at the time and was told that the information they used to calculate my reduction came from the job centre. I was told to pursue it with the job centre as it seemed I was entitled the premium as it had turned up on my decision letter. I didn't feel able to do this at the time. I decided to bite the bullet and try to get more information about why the premium was appearing in my council tax calculation but nowhere else. I first contacted the DWP, who suggested I go into the JobCentre and show them the council tax letter. This I did, but found the lady I spoke to completely unhelpful. She basically contradicted what I had been told by the council tax office, that it was a council tax error, essentially, and nothing to do with the JobCentre. This was a salutary reminder of just how unhelpful the gatekeepers in jobs like this often prove to be. I plan to contact the DWP again to see if I can get a definitive answer to why this is appearing on council tax letters if I'm not entitled to the premium.
I thought I would ask here before I go back to the DWP. So my question is: Am I entitled to the Enhanced Disability Premium or not? The benefits I currently receive are as follows:

I am in the support group of ESA. My benefit later states that 'because you are entitled to contribution-based ESA we will pay you £110.75.' This figure is made up of £73.10 living expenses and an extra £37.65 because I am in the support group. But the council are using a figure of £125.55 to calculate my council tax reduction, which is where the confusion has arisen. I do not receive PIP or any other add on. I have been in the support group for well over a year, if that makes any difference. I would be grateful for any advice on this matter.


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    The Enhanced disability premium isn't paid on Contributions based ESA and looking at the breakdown of your ESA claim, it's the CB that you're currently receiving. The Enhanced disability premium is automatically paid to those in the Support Group and claiming Income Related ESA.

    My question here is do you live with a partner that works? or do you live alone?
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