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Have you disclosed a mental health condition when applying for a new job?

ABrooker Community member Posts: 4 Listener

Have you disclosed a mental health condition when applying for a new job? 6 votes

Yes and was not selected for interview
16% 1 vote
Yes and was selected for interview but was unsuccessful
0% 0 votes
Yes and was selected for interview and was successful
33% 2 votes
No I don't trust that I wouldn't be discriminated against
50% 3 votes


  • debbiedo49
    debbiedo49 Community member Posts: 2,904 Disability Gamechanger
    The job I applied for was with the council who have a double tick system on their forms regarding disabilities. They ask you in two different ways do you have a disability. They do not ask you to say what that is or ask you at interview. They send you to occupational health to find out if you would be fit for work or require any adjustments. It was about 3 months later when I advised my line manager about my specific health issues after an absense. She was nice about it and they made adjustments to my absense status. 
  • ABrooker
    ABrooker Community member Posts: 4 Listener
    I'm so pleased to hear of your positive experience.  I was only diagnosed last year at the age of 38 after years of struggling but I have worked in finance pretty much my whole life and I have seen so many horror stories it's untrue.  I am going to disclose going forward as I do need adjustments so no point in lying although I am very concerned that I won't even get to interview.  Despite what people say discrimination is still rife out there!
  • Ami2301
    Ami2301 Community member Posts: 7,943 Disability Gamechanger
    All jobs that I have applied for I have stated that I have depression, jobs that turned me down were not based on my mental health, they were based on not experienced or live too far away.

    I was a cashier/cleaner for Iceland from 2011-2015. I can not praise them enough for how they supported me when I got diagnosed with anxiety. They allowed me to take a time out if I badly needed to. I was always surrounded by another cashier, packer, and manager/senior/deputy and they always checked if I was OK and made sure I felt safe. Thank you Iceland ❤️
    Disability Gamechanger - 2019
  • thespiceman
    thespiceman Community member Posts: 6,388 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @ABrooker   Pleased to meet you. I know from my own experiences used to apply for jobs but always refused interview because had to do a test. Even though had good standard of English and Maths . Fail that not interested in you.

    Have mental health due to addiction and disability. Had major issues with one company . Because they have the Positive for Disabled that logo.

    Does not mean a thing in my opinion.  Especially one particular company where had disclosed my illness and disability. The HR department disclosed my mental health to other colleagues and this caused ructions because not every one is educated and knows these things.

    One did not want to work with me and several felt uncomfortable. This ended me going back and relapsed me again . Was a long time ago but it is just the ignorance and the negativity of the work place.

    Been on long term sick now.  Am clean from the alcohol but effected mental health and have the disability long term. 

    Other aspect of mental health should be training and if there is some one on hand to offer counselling or therapy. I look at what I have been through many times and do recognise people given my insights. That need help and support. Yet are not getting any because they themselves have not recognised they need this help and support.

    Often with the reluctance to visit the Doctors or seek help as many of us gents have done before. I know I was one myself and sought the help I needed.

    Because they do not think they are ill lack of understanding themselves.  Especially in the stressed work place environment.

    Wish you the best I am always here if you wish to chat or talk anytime.

    Take care

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    SCOPE Volunteer Award Engaging Communities 2019
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  • vysvader
    vysvader Community member Posts: 133 Courageous
    edited October 2018
    To compare, I experienced only a short episode of a comparatively simply treatable condition, and long 12 years ago... I'd been IQ tested by an accredited psychologist (not only by online tests), another time, I underwent DNA tests for inherited intelligence, and I underwent multiple personality psycho tests, plus I currently study science, a STEM field, computer science wherein enjoy a lot of math, programming, algorithms generalized, cybersecurity, engineering, etc. Basically, that's the facts, this is what we call a fact.

    I'm exiled, I came to the UK as a kind of incredibly many times offended, misrepresented, and discriminated "refugee". My life wasn't at any risk, just I missed the 20-29 other human rights. In Slovakia, I'd been kicked off from 2-3 jobs because someone informed my ex-employers about an illness (not really mine, in the air, there were flying like 4-5 different diagnoses, whatever people dramatize and guess), and in many points, my human rights were rather flattened to the ground than just stepped on. Their Facebook profiles got filled in with fancy staff as they fight with a dragon and I'd been called a psychopath by people those are obvious even if you don't know that 1/3 of them are recidivists, and all of them are anonymously trolling, politizing, and trying to make someone else a witcher-hunter. It's obvious just when they open their mouth or you see their social media.

    In a conscious manner, I don't recommend to disclose it on an interview as well I don't recommend Afro-Europeans to write in their CVs about their color of skin, religion, or any other ridiculous piece of info which none's supposed to be interested in. Actually, from an employer, It's illegal to ask a touched employee or any 3rd party and, too, it's not legal to spread private medical info by someone else.
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