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pain medication

cupcakemandy Member Posts: 18 Listener
edited October 2018 in Cerebral palsy
I cant take anything codiene based,morphine based or tramadol,i have complex regional pain syndrome,fibromyaglia and osteoarthritis,ive had 2 partial knee replacements,right one 4 years ago and left one 5 months ago,ive been under pain clinic twice as i have complex regional pain syndrome in right knee and they think i have neruopathic pain in left knee,iam currently on oxy-norn ,oxy-contin,paracetamol,amytrptilene and topiromate,but none of this seems to really help as oxy-norm and oxy-contin and amytriptilene ive been on for about 5 years the topiromate 6 weeks is there anything else i could ask for,iam waitingto have a 4 way nerve block and ulta sound in my left knee



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