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PIP tips

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Just wanted to share some tips from my experience- though know it is very different for each person! I have Ehrlers Danlos , POTS and ASD. Just got awarded PIP after my  assessment, though may contest the time period of only 2 years, plus the mobility level!.

My tips- record the interview. The assessor will be more careful in their accuracy. Use two separate tape recorders as they insist( ridiculous, I know!) I know it's very hard to find tape recorders. Try buy them online if you can, and come armed with cassettes and batteries. Don't forget to get permission to record, according to their guidelines.

Pre- pip form:  try to get as much proof as you can. Think about all the situations you struggle with, and tell a healthcare professional so it is recorded. Even better, address all the issues if possible- eg if  you struggle or dont feel safe in the kitchen, ring social services- even if they  recommend small equipment and you can't afford to buy, it is recorded in their report. Or another example, if you are forgetting to take medication, or confused by a complex meds regime, your doctor might suggest a dosette box. All this is good evidence which you can add to your PIP form.

Sorry if this is really obvious! Though it wasn't for me. I realised that I had to address all these things pre-pip and it wasn't the time to bravely and haphazardly soldier on!

Lastly, be prepared ( especially if you have a variable condition) that they ask you to quantify everything! Eg- on how many days a week are you able to cook? This is very hard to do- we don't count these things. Just remember, if it's more than 50% of the time, that qualifies as an impairment.

They may ask you for how many minutes you can walk ( even though the form asks how many meters!) This can be a tricky question to see if what you put down on the form matches with what they see! Eg  they are most likely trying to do a  calculation using the time you gave and speed they saw you walking into the appointment. So again, think of your worst case scenario, and don't be brave. 



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