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Water metre and no help for incontinence on ESA Contributory allowance

suzieB Member Posts: 4 Listener
I applied for Thames water Watersure help but was refused due to  being on   ESA contributory  and also on Severe Disability allowance.My story is that i did an apprenticeship so never paid hardly an tax or insurance so can only get Contributory not means tested.Then had to have a spinal operation which was unsuccessful   and left me with incontinence and mobility issues as well as chronic pain.Our water bills have been monitored  and when we go completely over to a metre which we don't have any choice  of we are using the same amount as of  5 people in our home and there only being 2 of us.So i applied for help and have been refused.I will now have to sit in soiled clothing, limit my showers and cleanliness  and cut back on my clothes and bedding washing.I am being penalised for being Disabled and now am going to STINK.In this day and age we are going backwards and not forwards and my quality of life is being  taken out of my hands.I dont mind paying more but to pay 4 times more than i am currently paying is not acceptable because of my disability and grossly unfair. My husband who also has sever IBS and is working would be better off not working but tries his hardness to live with his condition  and work but any one that suffers from this will know that the chain has to be pulled and sometimes twice,So as you can see our lives are going to be miserable thanks to  no help from Thames water.


  • RachelSB
    RachelSB Member Posts: 34 Connected
    If your husband is working you would not be entitled to means tested ESA.  That little bit of NI contributions you paid as an apprentice is all that is giving you any income at all.  Have you applied for PIP?
  • poppy60
    poppy60 Member Posts: 46 Connected
    It’s crazy the way we’re treated . Could you get it if you were on pip ?
  • suzieB
    suzieB Member Posts: 4 Listener
    I am on DLA but you have to be on one of these.
     Are any of the following benefits / tax credits paid to you or someone else in your household?
    • Child Tax Credit (you must receive more than the family element)
    •  Housing Benefit
    •  Income-based Jobseeker's Allowance
    •  Income Support
    •  Pension Credit
    •  Working Tax Credit
    •  Universal Credit
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 31,221 Disability Gamechanger

    Do you live with a partner that works?
  • suzieB
    suzieB Member Posts: 4 Listener
    Yes sadly one working wage has to pay for both us and he is struggling himself working shifts and looking after me too.It just isn't fair

  • suzieB
    suzieB Member Posts: 4 Listener
    Yes have read it all and even spoke to them twice on the phone and i am to get no help what so ever.I dont want to get into debt so am trying to sort this out before hand.Its just another worry that i dont really need.:( They even said they will send me out the forms of which never happened so someone kindly printed them out for me.I guess i will just have to sit in my own Excrement in soil ridden clothes.What century  do we live in?


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