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PIP and carers question

madmel74 Member Posts: 8 Listener
I have a query that is really getting me down lately, i hope someone can offer me some advice please? I am full time carer for my husband who has severe mental health problems and also mobility problems due to nerve damage to his hands, legs and feet,  (put very briefly).  I have had lower back pain for over 20 years, 3 years ago I found out i have 2 slipped discs. I also have many other issues, such as hypothyroidism, anaemia, B12 deficiency, depression and i was recently told by a rheumatologist that i have fybromyalgia, which explains why I've been suffering so much lately. I was just about coping with my problems enough to care for my husband as things were. 

However in December he lost the use of his motobility vehicle after changing from DLA to PIP.  I know, thousands of people have lost there's too, and I've been trying to follow the news, for any updates on the whole PIP fiasco, but nothing seems to be happening. I went through the whole appeals process alone, and on his behalf.  But came away with the exact same decision, which was that he dropped from higher rate mobility to standard rate.  The stress of the appeal has made my husband's health a lot worse, and the last time he left the house was for his PIP assessment, almost 2 years ago. He lives in the bedroom as he hasn't the confidence to come downstairs, physically or mentally. 

Since losing the car, i am finding it increasingly difficult to care for him as i was.  It causes me so much pain and stress just to do the weekly shopping, that it can take 3 days for me to recover, but in the meantime, i still have to care for my husband. 

My question is, should i just wait to see if he will be reassessed, as everyone is supposed to be, sooner or later, or should i make a separate claim for PIP, for myself?   I can just about cope in the house with caring for him, however, i really need a car to run errands and do shopping, and to be able to take him to appointments when needed etc. I know I would not be guaranteed to qualify for one, but should i at least try.

 The main problem I'm having, is, how do I tell them that i can cope at home, but not outdoors, won't one cancel out the other?  Also how will it affect my husbands claim, if i claim too. I'm desperate for any advice on this matter, and I'm not sure where to go next, or what to do!  Thank you 


  • Peasmold_01
    Peasmold_01 Member Posts: 144 Pioneering
    First thing I suggest, if you or husband are of retirement age I would be CONTACT AGE UK, they do have an advice line and a home visit service  Secondly contact your local CAB. Good luck, but come back to this forum for further advice if required  Good luck. 
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 28,497 Disability Gamechanger

    The changes made to PIP were for following and planning a journey only. DWP will be looking through claims and if the changes apply to him they will contact him. Of course they would only look at how his condition was at the time the decision was made. If his condition has got worse since then it won't be taken into consideration for the PIP changes. Also the changes won't apply to everyone.

    Reporting a worsening condition doesn't mean he'll be awarded a higher award and you really should get expert advice before reporting any changes. A worsening condition doesn't mean more points will be awarded. It's impossible to advise this on an internet forum because no one knows how his conditions affect him.

    Making a claim for PIP for yourself won't affect your husbands PIP claim because it would be for you and not him. PIP is about how your conditions affect your ability to carry out daily activities along said the PIP descriptors and not about a diagnosis. If you're thinking of claiming for yourself then i would also advise you to get advice and help here too. Evidence will be needed to support your claim because they rarely contact anyone for this.
  • madmel74
    madmel74 Member Posts: 8 Listener
    Thank you for your comment.  I just wanted a bit of advice and i have tried other places but not really got anywhere. The reason I'm worried if i claim is because I am his carer, and although it is very painful and stressfull taking care of him day and night, i do have no choice but to do it as there is no one else.  So I just wanted to make sure that any claim i make, would not affect him in any way, or my ability to care for him.  It is so difficult doing it alone but due to his severe paranoia and anxiety, we can't get anyone in to help me as he only trusts me.  It's a lot for me to deal with and im so tired that most days I don't want to get out of bed, but I have to.  So just posting on forums for advice helps me to get my feelings out.  
    I have lots of medical evidence for my conditions, from many different healthcare professionals to assist with a claim, and it was my husband's lack of evidence that let him down i think.  He cannot go out to appointments, he can't get home visits due to us moving just outside of the surgeries catchment area and past aggressive behaviour, and he won't change GP because he cannot be around strangers, and he would have to go out for an appointment, also he doesn't cope with change very well. His past aggression means he can't get home visits, as a few years ago, he was sectioned and was quite aggressive at the time because he was scared about what was happening and he didn't want to leave me. So its all down to me.  If I could get some help with transport, i could deal with things easier.  I wouldn't be in so much pain while out, so I'd cope better at home too.  I know any claim i make does not guarantee anything, but even just a bit more money coming in would help me a lot as i could at least then afford taxis, instead of having to walk up steep hills for the bus,  any help at all would assist me greatly.   I do understand that its impossible to give accurate information without knowing our whole story, and i would definitely consider getting some outside advice, i just don't know where to go.  I've heard that CAB isn't much help with these matters so do you know of anywhere else i might try?
    Thank you again for your comment, a bit of perspective always helps
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 28,497 Disability Gamechanger
    Whether or not caring for your husband will go against a PIP claim for yourself totally depends what care you give. If you're claiming for a physical disability yourself and the care you give your husband is physical care then yes it could well go against you. There's no harm in starting a claim and once it's started and you have the forms then a local welfare rights or law centre near you, if there is one. Do a google search to see what's in your area.


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