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New claim pip temporal lobe epilepsy

PetPet Member Posts: 16 Listener
Since the recent changes to the pip points is anyone finding their claims more successful.  The mental health issues side which can include some of the problems we have to go through, is this producing more points. My seizures are mainly nocturnal and was stripped of my mobility dla benefit just before Pip was introduced in 2016 for change in circumstances for when my neurologist insisted my husband was available at all times to give me emergency medication.  
However I have had a couple of day seizues resulting in hospital visits and have lost my driving licence. After a MRI and EEG was told I was a good candidate for brain surgery to remove damaged area. 
In touch with the CAB for advice as the last 2 years the DWP have made my life hell. Does anyone have any positive comments or think I might stand a chance of getting something. 


  • poppy123456poppy123456 Member Posts: 22,218 Disability Gamechanger

    The rule changes were for following and planning a journey for the mobility part of PIP. Lots of people successfully claim Enhanced mobility by scoring 12 points in this descriptor, my daughter is one of them.

    It's impossible to answer your questions whether or not you'll be successful because no one knows how your conditions affect you. PIP isn't award based on a diagnosis, it's how those conditions affect you're ability to carry out daily activities against the PIP descriptors. Losing your driving license because of your epilepsy won't score you any points in the mobility part of PIP.
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  • Paul7210Paul7210 Member Posts: 40 Courageous
    edited November 2018
    As poppy says the only rule change is to do with the mobility and now they should consider those with uncontrolled epilepsy better, it has resulted in many more getting the enhanced rate.
    The 50% rules remains the same where you must require care and support at least 50% of the time, it's also likely you'll need evidence to support this for example a copy of your care plan or letter from your specialist nurse. A face to face assessment alone might not give the result expected, I recommend getting as much evidence as you can, remember though in some cases they do write to your consultant for more info or care manager if you get support from Adult Social Care. The daily living component is based on the support you need and like most of us have done it's best to write in detail. The DWP's won't be interested as to whether you hold or lost a driving license or not or how many times you go to hospital with seizures they are only looking at the support and care level you need, I would suggest enclosing a copy of your prescription as your rescue medications will be on there and the last issue date, they do sometimes write to you GP. If your seizures are frequent and you need more support you can ask for a Care Needs Assessment from your local authority and they sometimes have a welfare officer which can help with benefits. Good Luck
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