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Vegan and Gluten Intolerant

Hi, I'm 18 and I've been vegetarian my whole life. Three years ago I was diagnosed as gluten intolerant and I've recently decided to become vegan. I love being vegan and I want to continue with it, but I don't think my diet is right yet. I eat so much and I'm always hungry and I'm not sure if it's just because I'm just missing carbs from my diet or if there's a bigger issue. I take some supplements like B12 and iron but I'm just looking for someone more qualified than myself to advise me. I want to be vegan but I also want to be healthy, and my gluten intolerance rules out a lot of food which could help the situation. 

If if anyone has any advise it would be most appreciated. Thanks x


  • Pippa_Alumni
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    Welcome to the community, @madeleinegrace!

    Hopefully @KirstenNutritionAdvisor will be able to offer a bit of guidance with this. I'm not vegan but have lots of food allergies and know how tricky it can be to meal plan, and I recently found Free From Fourteen Vegan. Might be helpful for some healthy recipe inspiration for you in the meantime!
  • siobhan1
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    Hi :) I have celiac and it's always been one of my life goals to become vegan. I eat vegetarian diet at the moment so still have milk and eggs and I know I would struggle with all plant based and no gluten so I understand how you feel. If you really want to do it I would remember that you can still eat filling starch foods that have no gluten or animal products such as potatoes, rice and oats. Beans and legumes are great for bulking out. Also you can still have cake etc you will just have to spend more time making it, using gluten free flours and vegetables and fruits. What I find great is that I can use the laziness of supermarkets to my advantage. I often find that they make a product for the free from aisle and it states gluten and dairy free because they don't go to the effort of making dairy free and a separate gluten free one. This makes everything so much easier! I changed all the meals I once ate with pasta to rice meals for a while but found that you can get gluten free pasta which is so light and a lot nicer than normal pasta... and because it's dried it doesn't contain egg. Bread is usually vegan so gluten free bread is ok. I don't like it personally but I'm sure with some olive spread it wouldn't be as dry. Good luck :)


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