Tribunal decision

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Today I went to a Tribunal and they overturned the DWP decision not to award me pips. The Tribunal gave enhanced care award they did not put how long a period I would receive the award, stating (it is inappropriate to fix a term) can anyone tell me what this means??
I think it is disgusting what the Government, ruling classes, daily mail and sun rnewspaper readers are making people go through to get these entitlements.. I had 2 face to face assessments, a mandatory request and the Tribunal all of it nerve wrecking. I am shattered and very depressed by it all!


  • CockneyRebel
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    Congrats on winning your tribunal

    The length of your award will usually be determined by the DWP and will be on the decision letter when you receive it. The DWP also usually review an award a year before the end date
  • Matilda
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    My tribunal decision said the same as yours.  DWP award letter said my award has no end date - but they would contact me after 10 years.  Your DWP award letter probably will say the same.