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Finding a suitable job whilst dealing with pain?

colindunne Community member Posts: 20 Connected
edited November 2018 in Work and employment
Hi everybody I am trying to get some help regarding my situation.I had a nasty slip in a restaurant and smashed my face and landed heavily on my left knee,at the time I thought it was only my teeth that were damaged but over the next several weeks developed serious back pain up to the point of only being able walk with walking sticks.

After 4 months they finally found a medication that worked to a degree,at least I could walk without sticks again but in agony and seriously under weight with visible muscle wastage of my left leg.It basically took 9 weeks to get too the point of needing medical attention and then like I said it was agony(never ever felt pain like it).I went through every procedure medically up to having an op to remove part of my disc from my sciatic nerve,unfortunately none of the procedures worked and I am now left permanently in pain and unable to return to my job as a Painter and Decorator.My main concern is how I could find a job to be able to accommodate my situation as I can’t walk far,have no strength,often fall asleep due to depression and medication and not really academically blessed, but feel if I can’t find something worthwhile to do I will go mad with BOREDOM,also not really computer minded.

I don’t mind admitting that I often sit and cry because I am so bored and mix that with the pain it’s a very difficult situation to get my head around. I did go back to work before my operation on several occasions but couldn’t do my full range of duties and was coming home in a lot more pain and sleeping because  of exhaustion I would then take a few weeks off and try again but always the same outcome so even before my operation I knew that I would struggle to go back too my profession.

I was told by the surgeon before the operation,it had a low success rate but when you have that kind of pain you will try anything as many of you will know.Whilst I am in pain permanently I do think I could do something on days when it’s not so painful,usually better the warmer it is,or my mind still thinks I can. I am only 51 years old and am having difficulty proving the injury came from the fall so it’s looking like I will lose my compensation claim even though I up to that point had no significant back problems and the 2 times I did go were for a trapped nerve which they gave me a muscle relaxant and I was in a car accident and had my back checked out but no problems (and I didn’t claim whiplash),so considering they were 10 and 20 years ago respectively I don’t call that back problems and due to solicitor incompetence I had a favourable report (very very favourable)but my barrister went through it and returned questions to the doctor who wrote the report and it came to light that the doctor hadn’t had all the medical evidence and when he finally wrote a new report I couldn’t believe how he was now going against me to the point of saying it looks like I threw my leg out and the injury didn’t come from the fall.I have video evidence and am more than happy to have it looked at professionally for their view.

The floor was wet you can see it was and if anyone can give me some advice on who to turn to as I can’t find any help as it is 3 years since my accident and close to deadlines.I really do question how he can do this.Especially when the restaurant has admitted liability!I couldn’t possibly tell people my whole story as there is a lot more detail but I am desperate for help and don’t know where to turn so any advice would be greatly appreciated or maybe organisations that may help me. I would be more than happy to go through details in more depth if they thought they could help or know someone who may help with this matter or the matter of employment.Thanks Colin Dunne 


  • Richard_Scope
    Richard_Scope Posts: 3,636 Scope online community team
    Welcome to our community. I sorry to read that you are in pain and that you are having difficulties with your case against the restaurant in question. First of all I think it is important to try to get your pain levels under control. We have a section on Dealing with Chronic Pain where there is good advice from other community members who are in similar situations pain wise.

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  • Ami2301
    Ami2301 Community member Posts: 7,935 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @colindunne welcome to the community!

    I am terribly sorry for what has happened to you! Have you spoken to your local CAB to see what advice they have to offer?
    Disability Gamechanger - 2019
  • colindunne
    colindunne Community member Posts: 20 Connected
    edited November 2018
    Thanks for your replies and I have been too the CAB and was told to contact the ombudsman who in turn weren’t really that helpful. The trouble is I don’t have long left as it seems like every issue has taken months to resolve and now I have been told that everything has to be sorted evidence wise by January.I have 3 medical reports from the same doctor who examined me and there is some really alarming facts one being I quote “I have never seen a general practice provide what are obviously edited records “.

    What I haven’t mentioned is the fact that about a month before my accident my already very poorly mother of whom I was also her carer had had several of her medications changed all at once and was given a drug called rivaroxaban but it shouldn’t have been given to her because it is not compatible with mechanical heart valves which is what she had.She proceeded to have her first of four strokes the fourth killing her.

    After no admission of his mistakes and unable to get any legal help to find out what had gone on it forced our hand to go to a no win no fee solicitor (and boy did we pick the wrong one)to get some kind of answers,this was not done for financial gain it was done to flush out the truth.My mother had heart surgery about 15 years earlier and the surgeon forgot too put the wire into her heart (mmmmmm unbelievable)but it gets better when she turned blue after a couple of hours out of recovery she was rushed back down to insert it but in doing so some how managed to break her rib and puncture her lung and it was touch and go but she did pull through and all she ever asked for was a letter of apology,she new she could seriously sue them but her words were “the NHS have got enough problems “,all she wanted was an apology but that took over 3 years and my mother was never a wealthy lady far from it, but that tells you what type of person she was.

    She again only wanted an apology but his attitude and basically lying about doing nothing wrong with her medication was not acceptable. I would of loved to see his face when I proved it and won,so he had to retrain in four aspects and it’s on his records along with two other incidents.Some might say that I’m paranoid but they turned against me as soon as legal papers were issued and I had to leave the surgery on very bad terms.

    All this time I was in absolute agony because none of the medication had worked,regardless of what I said about my back they were more interested in testing me for cancer.I had to go privately to get some one to listen it was extremely strange situation. The last dealings I had was to beg literally but that has been put down as demanding morphine to which my doctor (different doctor same surgery)replied “we don’t prescribe morphine at this surgery”unbelievable. bearing in mind I have, although not diagnosed yet L4 root nerve compression.

    Having done plenty of research since I have what is described medically as one of the most painful condition you can have,so what else can you do if you have tried more than ten different medications without any relief in fact it was getting a lot worse.Im not proud of the fact but I swore at her born out of pain desperation and frustration and left for another surgery.My trust in doctors absolutely destroyed. I have never had any problems before with doctor in fact I have had brilliant relationships as of dealing with them so often because of my mother.

    But now I have had a chance to get my records and what was reported and they have failed to mention anywhere that I had a fall in a restaurant.So now you can maybe see why his quote about records becomes extremely alarming as it was obviously down to my doctor to document things.Im desperate for help and with a proper medical unbiased brain reviewing my case they would be able to pick up on what has really gone on.

    As you can imagine it is a living nightmare. The only good thing to come out of this is I now have a fantastic doctor who is totally understanding and really helping me try to get back to some kind of life.Thank you as well Richard I will take a look.
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