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PIP awarded but esa still asking for sick notes

tomcat415 Member Posts: 1 Listener

I just needed advice quick run down,

I was earning £300 per week and child support was taking £168 per week from wages for the last 8 years

my health was going downhill council was taking full rent and council tax because they look at your top line and not what you are left with

after paying rent tax and bills I had less than the dole and just had bake beans or soup to live on, my doctor told me to give up work

but did not want to be seen as a father that never paid anything

but last year I ended up with heart attack and gave up work, then everything stated going wrong having depression not going out and stopped taking heart tablets

(working 8 years and no money to go anywhere was like prison I just saw 4 walls then heart attack )


but applied to pip and won by appeal for depression notes came from doctor and health service


so am on ESA but they still requested sick notes, for past 12 months and no appointment from them, they say they need their own adviser to check even though court of appeals agreed I have Depression

12 months have passed, I still provide sick notes and still no interview from ESA, now I told them am not going to provide them anymore sick notes I just can not be bothered to use phone or go out  I filled in the ESA box why I don’t have sick note which said pip appeals said I have

Depression, just seems am going backwards and hide from the world again


the pip appeals letter I sent to ESA but still request sick notes

so, had no money for 3 months well £50 PER WEEK FROM PIP only I think if I have another heart attack I will have a note on me that says don’t revive me

I want to get better but at this moment I don’t care, but some advice on what to do please


  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 31,253 Disability Gamechanger

    PIP and ESA are completely different. Claiming PIP doesn't mean you're automatically entitled to ESA and you need to continue to send in the fit notes until you're assessed and been placed into one of the groups. If you're successfully placed into one of the groups then you won't have to send the fit notes.

    The reason why your ESA stopped is because you haven't continued to send the fit notes. A Tribunal awarding you PIP won't help your ESA claim.

    If your ESA claim is still active and i'm not sure it will be now because you haven't sent the fit notes in then once you've sent them then your money will re-start.

    You need to ring ESA and ask them if your claim is still active but i'm fairly certain it will have closed because you didn't send the fit notes. If it's closed then what you do next will depend on what's in your area. If it's a full Universal Credit area then you'll have to claim this, if you haven't paid enough National Insurance contributions in the last 2 tax years from working.


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