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Struggling after the death of my mother

michele65 Member Posts: 2 Listener
Just saw this group on fb, probably not the right group, but here goes, I am 2years of my mother’s death really not coping she lived with me so I could care for,she was also my best friend. She passed away in my arms at home surrounded by her family and really I guess you could say it was magical, having said that after that my own issues knocked me for six,it was like they held off until I was no longer needed. I had to give up work. I have osteoarthritis fibromyalgia ulcerative colitis high blood pressure very enlarged liver.  I am so lonely and sad all the time but tell people I am fine, I do nothing I use to and need help which I hate. Wk ends I rarely see any one,also would not dream of ringing them to ask for company has they have families and they own memories to make with them, (that’s my 4 grown children).?


  • Ami2301
    Ami2301 Member, Community Co-Production Group Posts: 7,945 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @michele65 welcome to the community!

    I am terribly sorry for what you have been going through, it's heartbreaking :(

    Are you receiving any emotional support?
    Disability Gamechanger - 2019
  • steve51
    steve51 Member Posts: 7,153 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @michelle65

    Good Evening & Welcome.

    You are very very welcome.

    Don’t worry you are in the right place believe me.

    Please please don’t feel alone anymore.

    We are your “new family”

    Yes we are only a “post away” for you anytime/anyday!!!!

    Please please let me know if I can help you further with anything!!!!

    ”Don’t Feel Alone” 

  • debbiedo49
    debbiedo49 Member Posts: 2,904 Disability Gamechanger
    Welcome @michelle65
    i know how hard it is to lose parents as my dad passed away in May and my mum in 2009. This is a very supportive group and I’m sure you will find comfort here. 
  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 27 Connected
    Hi Michele mine is similar story my mum and dad died within 18 months of each other. My mum was my angel always there for me and my dad was the same but spoke to my mum about everything. When she died my health fell apart and with 3 kids all have disabilities and a wife who has a mental health problem I felt aone and empty. I've gone to counselling and have started a painting group and I feel a lot better. You need to get out there please don't let your life be miserable. Look for groups to join you have to make the move nobody will help you unless you ask for help. We have a carers centre by me do you have one or something similar to turn to. I'm sending you lots of love and hope you find the strength to live a life you deserve. Let me know how you get on much love john
  • Sue52
    Sue52 Member Posts: 78 Courageous
    Hi @michele65
    i am very sorry for the pain you are feeling. All I can say is that it will get better. I was extremely close to my mum and when she died my heart broke in two ??
    I always try and remember the good times and I know she would want me to think of her when she was smiling and healthy.. I also lost my dad two months ago ( he had had Alzheimer’s for 8 long years) 
    there is so much support here from all walks of life that anyone will help. ( including myself).. maybe a page should be started remembering the good things about our deceased loved ones, sharing the funny and happy times 
    take care 
  • michele65
    michele65 Member Posts: 2 Listener
    Thankyou all for your kind words. I'm very tired with a flare up can't speak today
     Thankyou x
  • debbiedo49
    debbiedo49 Member Posts: 2,904 Disability Gamechanger
    @johnnyboy what a lovely post 


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