Confused about direct payments

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I had a care needs assessment and I have now been told by social services that even though I have 8 eligible needs they will only meet 2 of them (cooking and bathing). As I am going to be getting direct payments I asked if I could spend my budget on any of my eligible needs but I was told I can only use it for cooking and bathing. 

I am really confused and asked them to explain. As an example I am unable to go out grocery shopping and although I try to do online shopping there are times when I am not up to organising this or when I have been let down and had deliveries cancelled. I was told that if this happens I should order take out from Just eat! I know that if this happened and I was unwell I simply wouldnt eat. 

As a 26 year old with a variable and unpredictable condition it would be very helpful for me to be able to use the money for other help when required e.g. collecting prescriptions, grocery shopping, help around the house and assistance going out. 

Does anyone know if what I have been told is correct? 


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    Direct payments means you'll have a budget of a maximum amount of money that is to be used for those particular needs only. You'll also be given an amount of hours per week for those needs.

    The money for direct payments must be spent on what's stated in your care plan, if that's cooking/bathing then the person that you employ will come to your home and help you do those things. Unfortunately it can't be used for anything else.   It may only be for a couple of hours per week. You'll need to keep payslips and receipts etc to show what the money has been spent on and your local council will most likely ask for those every 6 months.Full details and explanations in this link.

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    Hi @Leah24

    A very warm welcome.

    Well done to you, for getting direct payments in play.

    Could you be more specific on how you intend to use this funding.

    Are you thinking of employing a PA (I would suggest this would best meet your needs), or use an Agency?

    Your council will provide a pay and rations service, so you do not have to deal with paying your PA.

    The whole concept of direct payments, is for you to decide what your needs are, at any given time.

    Have you got it in writing that you should order a takeaway if you run out of food?

    That would be of interest to most Human Rights organisations.

    If you could name the social services outfit, you are dealing with, it would be helpful.