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Emailed a website to see if they would feature my Scoliosis story

Yesterday i sent the email below to a website called BBC Ouch to see if they would feature my Scoliosis story  If you are a disability blogger and you would like to share my Scoliosis story or if you know any disability magazines, websites or Facebook pages that might feature my Scoliosis story, please let me know.  My instagram is  and my Twitter is @blogsarahj If anyone wants to follow me, you can.


My name is Sarah and i am 34 years old. I live in Manchester. I was wondering if you would feature my Scoliosis story on your website? A shorter version of it was recently featured in a UK Scoliosis magazine called Backbone.

Scoliosis isn't as well known as other conditions or disabilities. Scoliosis is a curve of the spine. This is my Scoliosis story. I was born with it. I was poorly when i was a baby and i was tube fed. When i was three years old i had a cleft palate repaired. I wore a corset brace for a while because of Scoliosis, when I was at junior school. After a while I didn't need to wear it anymore. Some people that have Scoliosis have surgery for it. Years a go, a doctor said it would be too dangerous for me to have surgery so I didn't have it. I am short in stature for my age because of Scoliosis. I can walk but when I go out I use a wheelchair (one that someone pushes me in) because I get tired walking. Every 4 or 8 months, (depends if my results are good) I have lung function appointments at a hospital. Scoliosis can affect people's lungs as well. I have carers 8 hours a week (4 hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays) to support me with some things, but i live on my own and i am able to. I have a Facebook blog page called See the person, not just the condition/disability

I have attached photos of me. One is of me when i was a baby, one is a photo that was took of me earlier this year and the other is of the magazine called Backbone, that my Scoliosis story was featured in.

I hope you can feature my Scoliosis story on your website.

kind regards,

Sarah Jackson Bennett



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