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Hello my friends thought I would share the story and my reason to continue getting about.

To give those who have lost their cars through no fault of their own.

I had to use a taxi and like most people first time is always the hardest.

Had and do have problems with buses and who wants to wait. Hanging around for a bus.

Be a target those who wish me harm.

So had to make a choice, do I let this Government rob me of the independence or stay at home and be a hermit.

Have to admit scary, anxious and nervous. Once booked and I am nervous on the phone.

Just thought have to do this and so I had to, never felt so ashamed and humiliated by this Government. All for the assessors to deny me a car.

As I had now got used to not having one a shiny new car. Understand every one has a view and opinion on the issues and that is there choice.

I say be strong, be confident, find a solution and ease your mind. Look on line. For some one to help you get around.

Yes taxis cost a bit but in the end of the day you are safe and secure.  Who wants to stand around in the cold waiting for a bus on dark nights.

Beside felt and do confident to do this again.

Also looking and speaking to others   Add also make a list of those taxi  firms that can and do have recommendations from customers. Who are disabled.

Something else to consider volunteer drivers will be looking into that.

All I can add is it is hard and difficult not having a car but have a think and consider other options.

One aspect I have saved money on petrol and other expenses. Plus on the Motability scheme pay for only your petrol but there again on costs of parking. Do not pay parking costs.

Already do a lot on line shopping and prescriptions.

Hope this helps anybody.

Thank you for reading.

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