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The power of ATOS

clivelate Member Posts: 24 Connected
Hi, i claimed for Pip, I had my interview recently and today got the PA4 report.

It seems after suffering mental health issues for 25 years and my health getting worst and worst ATOS have fixed all of my issues within 1 and a half hours of being in there care, how wonderful they are.

I wish I would have seen them earlier, so I Would no longer be on sickness benefits, and go out to work, but now all is good,so claim ATOS.

I can now leave the house, I can take my medication myself without my family giving it to me, i can cook and peel vegetables without my family telling me im not safe to do so, and i will no longer leave the gas coming out of the hob when the flame hasn't been lit, the list goes on and on.

Based on this site, I should get enhanced support for one section, and normal for the other, but I scored zero points.

I cant yet appeal as the DWP haven't made there decision yet, but I know what is coming.

Is there anything I can do at this time, or do i have to wait for a letter telling me I cant have the PIP benefit.

I'm lucky, I have a good support network around me, and I will be going to court if needed (done this 3 times already with ESA and won all 3), but the main point of this thread is to all let you know how wonderful ATOS are, they can cure all disabilities it seems within a few hours,who needs the NHS when ATOS are around.

What makes this even worst is, i was told by the "nurse" she was a specailest in mental health,and she seem to know her stuff, and was telling me alot about how i feel, and almost at times finished of what i was saying.

She really seemed nice and caring, and i must admit, she put me at ease, but now i see the report,  i can now see she was no different to any other ATOS nurse,she came up with a few ideas and said these might help you, yet in the report, she has twisted everything i said and made some crazy inaccuracies.

i have had 3 interviews all carried out by ATOS but for ESA and failed with all 3, went to court and won all 3, the last time the judge even phoned me and told me not to attend, but sadly i had already left, so i got to the court and the court clark had told me i had already won my case.

Why do i have to fight every time for the help i need and the law says im entitled to.


  • clivelate
    clivelate Member Posts: 24 Connected
    sorry everyone i kept getting a error message telling me to try again in a short time, but now i see the posts did go though sorry to all.
  • clivelate
    clivelate Member Posts: 24 Connected
    please only reply to his post, i hope someone can remove the other posts.
  • Misscleo
    Misscleo Member Posts: 646 Pioneering
    Glad you can still smile and joke after all that 😊
  • wilko
    wilko Member Posts: 2,415 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello and welcome glad you have a sense of humour, because you have your acessment report which has indicated to you that you will not get PIP you have time on your hands to gather or get evidence ready for your MR ring the DWP informing that you are requesting a MR and also comfirm this in writing. Good luck and keep posting any updates on your claim.
  • clivelate
    clivelate Member Posts: 24 Connected
    edited November 2018
    Hi, i cant request a MR yet, as the DWP havent even decided if i can have the Pip benefit, however, today my dad and myself have written a letter to the DWP and tell them, we would like that report sqashed, as it iis full of issues.
    We went into detail and stated 5 or 6 issues, but we could of maybe added 10 or more.

    We have also made a complaint against the "nurse" who was from atos, the nurse told me one thing and wrote something very different on the report, my dad reminded me today, she told me i was down playing my mental health problems, and she told me i should get the top grade for Mobility, as i cant leave the house, most of the time unless im with someone and even then i cant do this all the time, but she told me this has to be done safely, etc etc, yet on the report, gave me no points, she also said i wasnt tried, looked well presented, even though i hadnt shaved for a week, had clothes on with holes in them, and had not had a bath for a week.

    The report itself  was to my father a real shock, however sadly it wasnt for me, i have never once had a good report when atos have done the face to face interview.

    I can now go 2 ways with this, let me distroy me and make my health even worst, or laugh it off as much as possiible, and fight it tooth and nail with the help of my family, i will be doing the 2nd option.

    The pip benefit is not meant to be i suffer from depression etc et, its how it effects me, the nurse told me that, but it seems as i didnt look tried, and i wasnt showing any anixety (so she says) im not effected at all in anyway.
    As i suffer from mental health issues for 25 years now, i cant get my head around the fact i didnt even score one point, i mean for 25 years i have to fight every day just to carry on at the level i can live at, yet i didnt score one point.

    One last point, on reading here report, she claimed i told her, i write down all my appointments on a calender, that is interesting i don't even own a calender, what i really said was, when i get an appointment my dad writes it on his calender and he makes sure i attend these appointments as he takes me in his car, this is the kind of thing these "nurses" write, its full of twisted opinions

  • Yadnad
    Yadnad Posts: 2,856 Member
    edited November 2018
    Making a complaint to ATOS about their assessor can only succeed if you have independent evidence to back up your complaint.
    If not then ATOS will obviously go with their assessor with what they say was seen and what you said.

    I've had 3 ATOS PIP face to face assessments in the past five years and every one ended up with 0 points despite a MR for the first two changing the decision to enhanced for both components.

    I complained to ATOS but as at yet, some 7 months down the line, I have not received any explanation from them.

    I'm too ill and stressed to carry on with their games so had to give it all up for the sake of my own sanity.


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