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Hmy name is LindaSmail!

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Hi I have Rheumatoid Arthritus which at times I can't get out my bed forby that my husband has COPD emphaseema think that's how you spell it haha and he has the oxygen in the house I have to do most things for him which at times a find VERY HARD as I'm feeling that bad myself but he can lift things for me at times and put things in the microwave for us to eat . I do feel at times it's all getting to me my daughter comes early morning to help me out bed and gives us our tablets and breakfast then goes away to work I think it GREAT what she is doing but I find it very upsetting and it's funny before I became so bad I done the same for my mum and dad in the morning after work as I was a supervisor in the schools in early morning and afternoon again as my mum had had a bad strop
ke but could speak not too bad and my dad had become blind through all his family having glaucoma and I have it as well something else to add to my alements but I take drops morning and night where as my dads family left it too long . Now my mum and dad are both dead and there is only my sister and I who has enough on her p,ate instead of me telling her how I actually feel . Well it was nice to put this all down to someone sorry if I've went on a bit I hope to speak to you later mi get splitting headaches if I'm on my iPad too long thanks Linda. x


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    sorry to hear you struggles . You sound a wonderful Mum and daughter .I dont know what to advise but have you ever thought maybe your daughter is all too happy to help her lovely mum? just a thought x
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    Welcome to our community and a very warm welcome. Please don't apologise for the length of your post!
    It's good that you can get it off your chest and besides we are a friendly bunch on here.
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