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Hi, my name is LaLa098!

LaLa098 Member Posts: 2 Listener
Hi i have fibro, and my doctor has also diagnose CFS, or ME. I am waiting for a special fatigue clinic hosoital app.
I have not long been awarded lower end pip
Due to having Fibromyalgia,  but am finding even harder to cope now. I have also just lost my son to suicide, and my brain is a total mess. I am finding everything almost impossible to deal with and sort out. I have many other problems to, ie, family, debt, transport, home, etc. I dont know where to start anymore, and cant do this on my own. It seems every time i find some help, something comes along and puts a spanner in it, and i end up having to start the process  all over again. I need to find help that can come to my home to see me. Is that at all possible anywhere. Are there people or organisations that could do this? Thankyou


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    Hi lala098
    I too have Fibro/ME and other things going on . Iknow the worst thing for it is stress. I alsoam completely overwhelmed and isolated much of the time. Have you thought of voluntary organisations ? i had a lady visit me from age concern ( although you have to be over 50 to qualify. Maybe your local library or council may point you in the right direction? Good luck xx
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    Scope community team

    A very warm welcome to our community. I'm sorry to read that you are dealing with so much at the moment. I want to assure you that you are amongst friends here and we love a chat.
    I have found some websites that may help.

    Remember, we're always here if you need a chat :)
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    Hello @LaLa098 Sorry to hear about what is happening to you.

    Understand as I am sure all of the community can be supportive to you.

    Have you contacted CRUSE . This is an organisation for those going through bereavement.

    Helpline 0808 808 1677

    Website https:// wwwcruse.org.uk.

    You can talk to them in need of comfort and ask for any support.

    What is important right now is that we as a community can help and give any support, advice and guidance.

    Something to look at is finding an advocate to represent you and finding what is needed to help you.

    Looking on line and finding that what is suitable .

    It is finding that I do think would be helpful to you.

    One organisation is to consider  The Salvation Army.

    Have a helpline 020 7367 4500

    info @salvationarmy.org.uk.

    Understand in times of crisis and pain you are going through you need some one. They could be some one to turn to.

    I am and the community are always here anytime.

    Pleasure to meet you.

    Take care

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