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undiagnosed crazy symptoms

NerveDamaged2018 Member Posts: 13 Listener
Hi all,
I had a neck manipulation back in june which is driving me crazy, basically my symptoms are, burning in both legs and arms, nerve pressure on nose feels like someone is putting pressure on my nose or other times feels like worms running around my nose. Also suffering from temperature dysregulation.

Now the reason why its still not diagnosed is because my GP decided it was mental health which has now been ruled out (its been a nightmare) Ive changed GP in end. Im waiting for a lengthy MRI of head and neck in December.

Im just wondering if anyone else has had these kind of symptoms and how they dealt with them?

Any help would be great



  • SunshineLou
    SunshineLou Member Posts: 79 Pioneering
    Hi @NerveDamaged2018 sorry to hear you’re experiencing these symptoms. They sound very familiar yes.
    I have substantial nerve damage caused by ADEM in 2014.
    I won’t explain that, it’s rather complicated. You can google it if you like.

    Basically when people sustain nerve damage they can be left with ‘altered sensations’
    These can be either Dysesthesia and/or Parethesia. If you look them up on the web (Wikipedia explains them well), you’ll see what those diagnoses can mean. Sounds to me like you have one or both of them! Please speak to your Doctors about this possibility.

    Hope this can shed some light on what you’re feeling. I have both of the above.
    A permanent burning back (feels like bad sunburn 24/7). Pins and needles in my feet 24/7. Cold now feels like pain. Banding across both of my knees (a vice like feeling, tightening). Plus more.

    Hope this helps you!

    Lou x x

  • NerveDamaged2018
    NerveDamaged2018 Member Posts: 13 Listener
    Hi i also forgot to mention the burning is also on my face and back as well as my stomach as well. I'm hoping that being a injury my neuologist will be able to help me after the MRI. because I am not able to function very well at all. The odd thing is on a hotter day the burning goes its so strange. If it gets too hot I get dizzy. Thanks for the link
  • Eddiehutch67jh
    Eddiehutch67jh Member Posts: 2 Listener
    I was diagnosed with frontal lobe damage 15 year ago I asked my doctor what it was he told me it could have been caused by a head injury he told me the symptoms short term memory loss confusion and anger he also told me that men in their mid 50s can suffer from dementia I was 52 at the the time I am 59 and I am getting the symptoms now my doctor who retired last year didn't mention it again its been 7 year since its been mentioned NEGLECT


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