Finances and extra costs
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Rent arrears

Sim1y3Sim1y3 Member Posts: 10 Connected
edited December 2018 in Finances and extra costs
Hi I have autism, anxiety learning difficulties and sensory difficulties and a wheelchair user. Earlier this year someone lied to the council and told them I moved out of my flat I didn't and now I owe over 1000 in rent i can't afford to pay it I also lost my DLA because of PIP so I have no money but they keep saying about court they know I'm disabled. The flat is horrible with mould and damp everyway I can't use the bedroom because it is bad. I can't wash clothes and the toilet leeks so I have to have the water turned off all the time. The boiler also broke and not been fixed. I am so scared and anxious and more paranoid than ever please someone help 


  • Eadiesmummy1Eadiesmummy1 Member Posts: 90 Courageous
    Your first port of call should be the citizens advice beureu.. do you claim universal credit? or any other benefits? If you are on universal credit you can apply for a benefits advance, this is lump sum. They will give you this today if you ring them- the amount you get is depending on circumstances however you could offer the lump sum payment to the landlord and see if you can make a payment arrangement for the rest..Also you can get a low interest loan from the credit union xx 
  • Sim1y3Sim1y3 Member Posts: 10 Connected
    Thank you. No I haven't heard anything from them I get ESA. Thanks for your helpful advice can i take mum with me im just not very confident or able to talk to a stranger face to face 
  • topshoestopshoes Member Posts: 442 Pioneering
    @Sim1y3 yes you can take your mum with you .
  • Eadiesmummy1Eadiesmummy1 Member Posts: 90 Courageous
    Yes, take her with you. Because you claim ESA you may be able to get a budgeting loan its a lump sum too and you could use it to pay off some arrears xx 
  • Pippa_AlumniPippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,851 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Sim1y3, and a warm welcome to the community!

    I'm truly sorry to hear about what you're facing at the moment, it sounds as though things are really tough right now and I hope we can help.

    Are you comfortable with speaking on the phone? If so, I think our helpline team would be best placed to support you and help move things forwards. You can contact them at 0808 800 3333 (free) or find other methods of contact here.
  • Sim1y3Sim1y3 Member Posts: 10 Connected
    Sorry it took so long been staying out of everyone but mum's way because of the fear. Sadly I'm not confident on the phone at all
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