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Some advice needed

 Hello everybody I’m new to this forum I have signed up to this forum  in need of some advice for my father.    My father suffers from mental illness schizophrenia.  He Used to work for 20+ years  unable to cope any longer and has been on benefits   since Probably coming to 15 years... he was on the incapacity benefit Got moved on to ESA contribution-based support group.   

 am worried about that Being on this benefit he is also a homeowner and in 2011 with my  mother they bought a second home which is now rent.    Both houses  are in joint names,  they also live together in the main home. My Mother has always worked in full-time employment and they have joint savings around the £16,000.  Just recently my mother has reduced into part time  around 20 hours a week.  My question is is this okay and allowed on ESA??

 To add to the worry just this week received a letter asking about if you want your eligibility checked.. if you belong in the income related group.  They asking to tick three boxes if you do not want being checked

first box says  your partner  it’s working more than 24 hours a week 
 Second box says you had or have savings over 16,000 
 Third box you had or have a partner who had or have savings over 16,000

Really worried Why they have sent this type of letter.   There reason why they are asking is to see if he is in the correct group income related or contribution.  
If you can let me know your thoughts thanks in Advance


  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 28,366 Disability Gamechanger

    Those that transferred from IB to ESA were automatically put onto Contributions based ESA and weren't assessed for any income related top up. DWP realised their mistake and are now contacting all those that transferred across and this is why your father has been contacted.

    Contributions based ESA is not means tested. Your mother working, savings and capital does not affect the amount of contributions based benefits you can claim, so don't worry about that.

    The income related top up that DWP want to assess your father for is means tested. Your mother working, rental income and savings/capital will all affect what he can claim. Based on what you said above your father won't be entitled to any Income related top up.

    His Contributions based ESA isn't affected and will continue as normal. Hope this helps
  • stuartperry
    stuartperry Member Posts: 28 Connected
    Thanks for your prompt and detailed response I don’t mind if he stays in contribution not really bothered about any extra money
    so  him receiving rental income is this okay....
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 28,366 Disability Gamechanger
    Contributions based is not means tested, so it won't affect it. The same as her working, it doesn't affect it.
  • wilko
    wilko Member Posts: 2,447 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello and welcome, I know it not an easy topic but have you thought about lowering your parents capital by buying prepaid funeral plans? This would reduce their capital by the most £10,000 properly less than that but the costs have to be meet some day in the future and its an investment. One less thing to worry about.
  • stuartperry
    stuartperry Member Posts: 28 Connected
     These are the options they are telling me to tick what if the Savings go up and down does this make a difference or hours my mum works
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 28,366 Disability Gamechanger
    With the above circumstances you mentioned then it won't make any difference.


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