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Is this overpayment or fraud

I'm making this post on behalf of my cousin.
She is severely mentally impaired and got caught with 22k savings, the reason she saved up this much is because both her parents are terminally ill with cancer and have less than 12 months left to live and she will have to pay funeral costs and other costs when a love one passes on.
She gets ESA and PIP and she wants to know that because she didn't declare savings over 16k is this fraud or overpayment? I'm sure her mental health has played a role in this because she finds it difficult to look after herself and she is classed as severely mentally impaired.
Finally what is likely to happen to the 22k she has, would they take 6k from her right away leaving her with 16k for the limit of esa, would they ask her to pay small amounts each week or could all of this be classed as a exceptional circumstance and she gets let off lightly due to the ill health of both of her parents and being the only child she needs the money for when her parents soon die?
Thanks for any help.



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