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Attendance school rewards - are they fair for disabled children?

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Someone has been in touch and I wondered if anyone has any advice on how to challenge this?

“My daughter who is 11, and has crohns has just found out she has been excluded from an ice-skating trip for her year as a reward for above 95% attendance.
Shes currently on about 72% with infusions and numerous hospital visits. Any idea on how to go about challenging this. I'm so angry.
Her face dropped when her mates were chatting about it this morning. Thanks for your time”

Is this fair? Is there any way to challenge this? What message does it send to disabled or unwell children?

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  • forgoodnesssake
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    This is most defintely not fair (but pretty common I fear) and I would challenge it on the grounds of "reasonable adjustment" and also ask for copies (or look on the school website) of the school SEN & inclusion policy and its accessibility policy.
  • AnkyieSpon
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    Hi @Sam_Scope .This is definitely not fair. I work in a school, I'm not aware of anything like this happening. Surely this should be classed as discrimination? Why award attendance in such a way? We just give certificates not days out. 

    I would consider approaching head teacher and head of school governors. If they have already approached head without good results just go to head of governors. Also ask to see the schools policies on disabilities, discrimination etc hope this helps.

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