Looking for a self employed PA on PAPool

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I am looking for a self-employed pa and was wondering if anyone has successfully used the papool website - is it a useful/safe tool?


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    Hello @achamadad Pleased to meet you welcome.

    Thank you for joining and sharing.

    Understand there will be some one in the community or the team have the information you require.

    Want to welcome you to the forum.

    We are a friendly community. Care and share.

    Please ask if we can advise on anything. Some one will know.

    Please take care.

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    Good to meet you and welcome.

    I have not used the website that you have mentioned but I'm sure that one of our members will be able to advise.

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    That's kind of you, thanks
  • Sam_Alumni
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    We have a video here about employing a PA

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    Thanks for your help, will watch video when I get a chance