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Dyslexia Technology app research

thislittlebluebird Member Posts: 1 Listener
edited December 2018 in Research and opportunities
I'm a final year college student and am working on an app for dyslexic users. I would be very grateful if any dyslexics would take a moment to answer a few questions, so I can make the app better :)

Thanks so much!

1. What are the main symptoms of your dyslexia and how does it present? (Trouble with reading, spelling, writing, grammar or other specific tasks?

 2. How does being dyslexic effect your everyday life and learning? Has your dyslexia ever impacted your studies or learning?

3. What age were you diagnosed with dyslexia and what kind of support (if any) were you offered?

4. Do you have any prior experience with using dyslexia assistive technology? If so, what type of technology? (coloured overlays for papers, highlighters, spell checkers, text readers, apps or add-ons that change font/page contrast, smartpens etc.)

5. Which of the products you used did you find helpful and unhelpful and why?

6. Do you feel a need for better assistive technology to help with dyslexia?




  • Gem12
    Gem12 Member Posts: 5 Listener
    Hi do you still need answers?? 
  • dolfrog
    dolfrog Member Posts: 441 Pioneering
    The real problem is first to identify the underlying cognitive cause of your dyslexia symptom.
    There are three cognitive subtypes of developmental dyslexia - auditory, visual, and attentional, so it depends on which of these types of clinical disorder is the underlying cause of your dyslexic symptom.
    Each of the different causes of the dyslexia symptom have different sets of other symptoms, and more importantly require different alternative compensating skills and abilities to work arohnd the different types of limitations

    I noticed that you mentioned some of the compensating technology for those who have visual sensitivity which could be part of the cause for some of tbeir dyslexic symptom. . 

    I have Auditory Processing Disorder as the cause of my dyslexia, and the internet and emails have been the only technology support so far. 
  • April2018mom
    April2018mom Posts: 2,868 Connected
    My 5 year old sister has dyslexia. She struggles with her reading and spelling too. This may be useful for her. 
  • dolfrog
    dolfrog Member Posts: 441 Pioneering
    edited July 2019
    Hi @April2018mom
    Your sister may be like our children and have the Temporal type of Auditory processing Disorder, the brain having problems processing the gaps between sounds as the underlying cognitive cause of her dyslexic symptom. 

  • April2018mom
    April2018mom Posts: 2,868 Connected
  • dolfrog
    dolfrog Member Posts: 441 Pioneering
    I forgot to mention that word processor, Jarte is easy to set up and use, help breakdown large texts into smaller managable chunks using different font colours for alternating sentences, and sometimes different coloured fonts for different separate and related topics, Also creating flash cards for frequently used ideas. .
    I use Evernote as an online note set of web pages which can be kept private or shared with others when required. As an example I have an Evernote web page listing my PubMed Dyslexia paper collection at 
    I hope this helps


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