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Hi, my name is Pete01xx!

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Hi i am confused and hoping someone can explain the complex rules of ESA, in January 2018 i submitted a claim for ESA i had been made redundant due to my ill health osteoarthritis in both knees and hips, and cough syncope (  blackout every time i cough badly , upto 30 times a day ) my partner works 28 hours a week i had the assessment and was put in the work based group, i appealed as there is no way i can work at the moment due to the blackouts this was denied, since the initial assessment/claim my health has worsened including severe depression and anxiety, and also the arthritis in now in my arms and i have now been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome i rand DWP to advise them of the additional medical conditions and was told i would have to submit a new claim form, i did this in august, i have since had the medical assessment ( a joke in itself i asked for a centre that is 1 mile from me and i was sent an appointment to Marylebone assessment centre i said i cant make it there due to blackouts, they insisted and said they will provide transport this then turned out to be a 3 hour journey there and 2 and a half hour journey back i was a complete wreck for about 2 weeks after this.
Anyway to cut to the chase i finally received a letter today saying that due to changes in my claim and recent assessment i am now in the support group and they have backdated my payments to the 18th of December, i rang to question them about the backdated payment (only 1 hours 13 minutes waiting in the queue )  and should it not be from when i informed them of the further conditions and was told no , i have worked out it was 16 weeks from when i sent the recorded delivery to them informing them of the change, completed forms and medical evidence to when they backdated my payments 

Many thanks 




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