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Medication advice please

disabledkenny Member Posts: 40 Connected
Hi I was discharged from the pain clinic medication doctor & now have to use my GP who refuses to do a home visit & only a telephone appointment as housebound, so now need to come off the morphine patches that never really worked & go back onto dihydrocodeine also Pregabalin 75mg capsules up the dosage by 50mg will my GP allow both together as the pain clinic doctor told me to do both at the same time? As I need the dihydrocodeine first, thanks Kenny.


  • CockneyRebel
    CockneyRebel Member Posts: 5,216 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi Kenny

    Sorry we cannot give medical advice, you need to talk to your GP
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  • Sam_Alumni
    Sam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,676 Disability Gamechanger
    As @CockneyRebel says we cannot give medical advice, also you shouldnt take advice from anyone on the internet about your medication, you really need to see your GP or a medical person.
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  • clp
    clp Member Posts: 39 Connected
    A lot of GP surgeries now employ pharmaciats and they are ideal for this sort of situation.  Check to see if your practice has them.
  • disabledkenny
    disabledkenny Member Posts: 40 Connected
    Thanks I am just wondered if anyone has restarted on the meds after a few years of taking them, as the morphine patches do not help, I was not aware of your policy so apologise.
  • clp
    clp Member Posts: 39 Connected
    It wasn't meant in any way other than to be helpful.  I use our pharmacists in preference to GPs as they understand the drugs better - they are different from the ones you find in Boots etc.  I have come off morphine and restarted.  GPs are usually more than happy as it means you are managing your condition and only using powerful drugs when needed.  Must be done under medical supervision as it can be difficult.  The other thing they can do is move you from one opiate to another if the patches aren't working.  I had the butrans one years ago and it was wonderful until my skin went red, itchy and raised....I got switched to zomorph
  • disabledkenny
    disabledkenny Member Posts: 40 Connected
    I agree I always use GP but my GP like many in Oldham are not that good you have to tell them what is wrong with you & what you should take & I can only ever get a telephone appointment as refuse to do a home visit as I am unable to get to the doctors practice myself. 


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