Mental health issues
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Extremely petrified about going into 2019

Sholay09Sholay09 Member Posts: 77 Courageous
edited December 2018 in Mental health issues
Hello everyone I need help as I am feeling extremely scared about going into the new year 2019 because I am still thinking and worrying that the national service (compulsory military service) and the death penalty is going to be reintroduced or might actually come back for when Britain leaves the European Union and when some other countries in Europe like France are going to be bringing it back. Also I still think that 2019 will be a disasterous year for all of us. Also I want to be able to create a campaign about wanting conscription to be abolished in other countries as I have heard on Amnesty International that they are campaigning about a lot of things like for the death penalty to finally be abolished in other countries and that did make me feel quite happy and it gave me some hope. :open_mouth:


  • Gwendoline1Gwendoline1 Member Posts: 226 Pioneering
    Hiya Sholay09,
    Im sorry to hear you are scared and worrying.
    At times I worry and don’t understand why. I say now that these worries I have a trivial or even silly this is because I’m feeling strong now.
    I can’t put your mind to rest if national service will or will not return I’m sorry.
    I can only say what I think about the death penalty, I feel that the government won’t bring that back.
    Please , please try not to worry to much.
    I hope this as helped you.😀😀😀
  • Sam_ScopeSam_Scope Member Posts: 7,732 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Sholay09
    It seems from your last few posts that you are struggling at the moment, do you think it would help you to speak to someone? The Samaritans are available on 116 123 for free or you can email them at [email protected] 

    Sometimes it really helps to speak to someone who won't judge you and who is trained to offer you support.
    Senior online community officer
  • Sholay09Sholay09 Member Posts: 77 Courageous
    Ok thank you Sam and I still remembered you saying that there are still no plans at all to bring back national service and the death penalty in which it did make me feel happy but it is a shame I am still worried about these things though in which I want to try and stop worrying about now.
  • Richard_ScopeRichard_Scope Community Team Posts: 2,624 Scope community team
    Hi @Sholay09
    Entering into something new, like a new year can be worrying. I can be a bit of a worrier but I try to focus on the things I can change. 
    I do not think national service or the death penalty will be reintroduced even if Brexit happens. 
    Please try not to worry.
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  • Sam_ScopeSam_Scope Member Posts: 7,732 Disability Gamechanger
    We all worry about things that others might consider to not be a problem, sometimes just speaking to someone about them can really help.
    Senior online community officer
  • poorsoulpoorsoul Member Posts: 34 Courageous
    I have not heard anything about national service or death penalty being reintroduced although I think there is some scumbag criminals out there who commit heinous crimes that should be put to death.
  • thespicemanthespiceman Member Posts: 6,408 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @Sholay09 How are you ?  Sorry to hear this. I do understand . I think one of the problems is this is a sign of the need of trying to over come the anxieties you have.

    Trust me I feel the same over lots of things in my mind. All of the ills in the world, poverty, hardship and the rest.

    Being a Christian but sometimes by worrying being anxious over every thing in the world was making me ill. Mentally.

    I suppose there will be people right now this time tonight feel anxiety about the new year coming.

    I do think one way is find a way to cope.  Maybe by as been suggested talking about this.  Some support workers or consider talking therapy.  Speak to your GP.

    One other suggestion is writing it down. Putting your thoughts on paper. Read them and consider the words. Then shred them.    Out of your mind. Gone into a bin into the skip outside.

    I used to have these paranoid thoughts and extreme anxieties over every thing. Using coping methods and strategies by going to mental health charities helps a lot.

    That is where you learn about how to have positive thoughts. Cope with your emotions and feelings.

    I consider myself caring and supportive to every one. Have time to listen but also now need to think if I am alone and have these thoughts, anxieties cause me harm mentally.

    My friend who lives near by calls it festering.  As I used once coming off addiction become extreme with anxieties, these mothball into hurt and harm.  For my well being.  Effects diet, eating and going out.  No way want to return to addiction.

    That is me so have to find other avenues to use. Use what I learnt. I know as a Christian the world is a bad place. End of the day I am not able to solve all the ills of the world.

    I can at best just be supportive of those that are. Trying to solve them.

    Please if I can help or advise please ask me.

    Using help and support that is available .

    Please take care. Always here to listen.

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  • CyrilCyril Member Posts: 2 Listener
    Yes 2019 will be a crap year. If we do not get rid of this tory government we have no hope at all. I take comfort in the fact that i can see through all this bullshit and know the perpetrators of this evil that destroys this planet and its inhabitants will suffer too. You need compassion towards all life, and at the point you shuffle off this mortal coil you have to be judged to have had a good heart. 
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