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Lost information

Pamela1509debbie Member Posts: 13 Courageous
Hi I don't know if anybody can help me but I had an ESA50 renewal form sent out to me in October which made me feel Ill from the minute it arrived,  my anxiety has soared through the roof since and along with many sleepless nights I contacted Disability solutions in my area who kindly filled it in for me, I then got various amounts of information together from different consultants and contacted my social for a copy of my care package as ai have care twice a day l, all this was also included. I posted this to Five Ways in Birmingham which was on my letter on the 19th November and by Christmas was worried I'd heard nothing, today I received an assessment interview letter and was devestated they'd need to see me after the varied detailed information they'd been sent, my conditions are very complex and I have severe anxiety disorder aswell so I rang them to ask why that wasn't enough only to be told they've received NOTHING back from me, not my form, evidence NOTHING AND they've contacted my OLD Doctors from over 2 yrs ago to which obviously they've had no RESPONSE! . The lady on the phone was pretty much threatening if I didn't attend I could have my money stopped but I'm not happy, they can't just brush off all that important stuff has been lost and luckily I have postal proof my documents were signed for on the 20th Nov and I'm definitely not happy being forced to go for a completely BLIND assessment .It took me AGES to gather all that stuff together, I'm devestated and some fools lost it ALL. Where does that leave me with my rights, Any advice please? 


  • wilko
    wilko Member Posts: 2,455 Disability Gamechanger
    This has happened before a claiment had sent papers recorded delivery and was signed for, the papers where lost but once the claimant informed them they had the name date and time of delivery they soon found them. Maybe phone call wowi the information may get some movement. But this can be lesson for all to keep a copy of all you send. Should not be nesaceasery but better safe than sorry. 
  • Pamela1509debbie
    Pamela1509debbie Member Posts: 13 Courageous
    @wilko I hope to god they do, I was even reading out the tracking receipt number and the appointments woman I was onto was still trying to imply I hadn't sent anything!. I just don't feel comfortable going for this assessment when nothing about my condition has been looked at yet by anyone, there no way with my memory I'd remember to mention half of what's in there!. 
  • Pamela1509debbie
    Pamela1509debbie Member Posts: 13 Courageous
    @wilko thank you very much for your help 
  • Waylay
    Waylay Member Posts: 971 Pioneering
    I'd call again and tell them that you have proof that someone signed for it. As @mikehughescq
     said, it doesn't mean anything legally, but they sometimes find the papers when they look around a bit.


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