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1p challenge

catwoman5757 Member Posts: 6 Listener
Since I am perpetually skint I am giving the 1p challenge a whirl.  It will get pricey at the end of they year, but if I manage it the cash will be all mine.

Is anyone else giving this  a try?


  • Heidi415
    Heidi415 Member Posts: 32 Courageous
    Hi @catwoman5757 I have read about this and some people have achieved this. It is a good idea however the end amounts needed put me off personally because I know I cannot complete it.

     I find it more achievable to put what ever change I have in my purse at the end of the day in a money saving tin (That way I cannot access it without destroying the challenge and my motivation with it)

    Any 1, 2, 5, 10 or 20p's go in it. If I can afford it that particular week I put in 50p's, and sometimes even £1 and £2 if I don't have larger bills to pay. Even little amounts soon add up and by the end of October/ November time I open it up and change it. I am often surprised by the final amount. It also stops me using my credit card/debit card to make purchases because I want actual change.

    Good luck in your saving challange ? I look forward to hearing the results.
  • thespiceman
    thespiceman Member Posts: 6,389 Disability Gamechanger
    edited January 2019
    Hello @catwoman5757 Pleased to meet you.

    Understand always broke. May be I can help and advise.

    I am always had the circumstances surrounding my benefits had to budget.

    I do think what is important how you deal with money.  Be aware of your outgoings and also take stock of everything.

    Treat your everything you do like a business.  Examples of this are. Doing a food and item store cupboard check.

    Go around your fridge, freezer and cupboards.  Stock itemise everything.  Consider buying a separate small frost free freezer. Does help .  Big money saver.

    Especially food items like Bread, frozen vegetables and fruit.  As well as meat.

    I have a black folder with A4 sheets with all every stock item I buy for food.

    Then when shopping make a list what I need plan a weekly shop.  By planning your food you do not waste any. Saving money.

    Add to your weekly menu an idea have a few meat free days. I do . Usually soup, cheap and filling.  Veg curries or anything Pasta with veggies.

    I do shopping on line a lot of shops do a scheme shop many times as you want for a monthly fee. Worth every penny because you can see if you need to shop.

    By doing a stock check.  I used to shop every week . Now twice a month.  Save on delivery costs plus fuel and time.

    The other thing I would say do on line banking. Can see the outgoings regularly. Your money see your outgoings.  Many banks have as they do telephone caller you can ring and talk to. Offer and help, guide you to support you might need.

    They will contact you if anything like something wrong with your account. Fraud alert things like that.

    Use your mobile phone if you have one to receive texts, to say when your getting low .  Your balance. Speak to the bank ask about over drafts. See on line.

    Go on line and look for Utility companies.  Among the benefits you can view the statements on line. See where you can save.

    If too much either switch.  Contact the Utility and ask for a better deal.  Often do fixed tariff. So many to look at so be aware.

    Also another bit of advice on line you can enter meter reading , speak to an on line advisor ask and negotiate the price of the tariff.   So said will pay this and lot less.

    If you have a TV package with broadband .  Ask and negotiate the price . They want your business.

    All of these people.  Say no and threaten to leave.  Done this before and got a deal.

    Remember you do not  have to speak some of these people if not confident. I used the online advisor on the website. Quicker got a new tariff at the early hours of one morning.

    Enrol with Consumer people WHICH something to look at have a monthly sub but this is worth it. Because of the complex and confusing around the whole markets.

    Have many other advantages and something to consider.

    Lots of money advice.

    I also subscribed to Amazon reason why lots of saving there. On every day items, household, clothes and other things for the home. Pay a monthly fee. Then just pay for the items. Often easier and cheaper.  Many items delivery free.

    Also one final point speak to CAB can help with lots of information.  Including local credit union. Used them once for furniture buying. There stores. Some do, Lots of seconds and newly new through them.

    CAB good with rent and other related housing problems. Speak to them.  Some times by talking can help.

    Always say to yourself do I need.?

    Apologise long post  very often had been with out benefits. Many times due to either transferring from one benefit to another waiting.

    Add to that had a business went from riches to rags.  Had debts selling everything so had to adapt.

    No money . So had to do a lot of this. Hope you find this useful.


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  • cracker
    cracker Member Posts: 324 Pioneering
    Since I am perpetually skint I am giving the 1p challenge a whirl.  It will get pricey at the end of they year, but if I manage it the cash will be all mine.

    Just a question - what does "skint" mean.

    I put all my coins in a jar and they do add up. 
  • thespiceman
    thespiceman Member Posts: 6,389 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @cracker Skint means broke having no money.  English slang word.

    I have a jar of coppers 2p and 1p in the home.

    Hope your doing OK.  

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    SCOPE Volunteer Award Engaging Communities 2019
    Mental Health advice, guidance and information to all members
    Nutrition, Diet, Wellbeing, Addiction.
  • goblinqueen
    goblinqueen Member Posts: 16 Connected
    other way of doing this is to start the year with the higher amount when you're likely to be able to afford it a bit more then by Xmas you're down to small amounts when money is really tight 

    I have a savings account that I pay lose change into on a monthly basis , it soon adds up and as the cash card can only be used at branch locations it makes it harder to withdraw it till needed 
  • debbiedo49
    debbiedo49 Member Posts: 2,904 Disability Gamechanger
    I try to save my loose change but it goes within days on necessities. I also try to put 5 pounds away when I can for a rainy day but it rains a lot here lol. I may give the credit union a whirl again as I cant get it as easily.  It is worth considering. My problem is I would give my son my last penny as he isn't working and gets very little money. So hopefully this will change when he gets a job or something. 
  • easy
    easy Member Posts: 231 Pioneering
    What is the 1p challenge?


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