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Pension and benefits

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My Dad is about to reach state pension age (65), although we have only just applied for his pension as we didn't know that we had to apply 4 months ago so now have to wait until may.  I spoke with citizens advice last night and they said as he is already on PIP it wont stop (we were told it would be stopping).  I have just read that his ESA will be stopping is this correct? please help we don't know where we are turning or what to do. 


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    Don't worry, we're happy to help. Yes, your dad's ESA will stop, as this is a benefit to do with not being able to work, and once he reaches pension age he's not expected to work anyway. The ESA will be replaced to some extent by this retirement pension. The PIP won't stop. What you should look into are:

    Pension Credit (to top up his pension)
    Housing benefit (if he pays rent) 
    Council tax reduction (if he is liable for tax credit)

    If he gets any pension credit then that will 'passport' him to housing benefit and council tax reduction, but he'll still need to apply. Because he gets PIP, depending on what rate he gets and a few other factors, he's more likely to get help from pension credit, but it's not a definite as it also depends on his pension and any other income or savings. 

    You can check pension credit here. You can apply for pension credit from the DWP (easy to find on, and for housing benefit and council tax reduction, it's the local council.

    As he hasn't yet reached pension age it should be possible to apply in time, but if not, you should ask for backdating to the date he reaches pension age, and that should be no problem.

    Hope this helps!

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