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Neurological burning like symptoms - Undiagnosed Condition

Adamslater1 Member Posts: 2 Listener
Roughly 7 years ago I began to experience what can only be described as a burning weakness sensation in my hands (mainly right side to begin with).

Over the years this have steadily become more aggressive, now being felt in both hands and feet. Things that exacerbate symptoms include activities requiring fine motor movements, such as handwriting, mobile phone use, anything requiring strong grip (though these activities involve the use of hands the exacerbation can at times also be felt in feet) exercise and any over exertion, cold conditions, alcohol abuse. I haven't been able write for extended periods of time for several years now and at times when symptoms have severely worsened walking and other activities involving use of hands (chopping food etc) can be very challenging if not impossible. though not so regular my fingers (specifically right hand) curl up when relaxed. Temporary relief of all general symptoms in my hands can be achieved by shaking them. 

I have had 2 sets of electrical conduction tests, and 2 MRIs (brain and lumbar), all of which came back negative and was subsequently discharged from the neurological unit. Also examined and discharged by a rheumatologist and have had several trips to the GP including  several blood tests which all came back normal. I haven't received any indication from a healthcare professional as to what they think the condition might be.

I do experience other neurological-like symptoms, including itching which can worsen at night and after being in a hot bath for around 20 minutes. This itching appears to be most aggressive during periods when I try to keep fit and exercise regularly (periods of which never last long because of the nature of worsening symptoms).  The itching can be intense and impossible to satisfy, despite scratching where I feel the itch there is no sense of relief and it can get worse, or 5-10 seconds later itching will occur on another part of the body (this cycle repeats itself). I also struggle to sleep during these periods of exercise, regardless of what time I exercise in the day. What can only be described as floating, flashing and rapidly moving stars appear in my vision.

Though not too serious, I have also had back problems on and off for the majority of my adult life.

Im a 29 year old male. Painter by trade for the last 4 years.

Any help or suggestions would be much much appreciated. My life has become drastically inhibited because of these symptoms and I am not able to lead and happy healthy life.

Thanks for your time.


  • Cestmoi15
    Cestmoi15 Member Posts: 5 Listener
    I have this, it's a combination of ME, Carpal Tunnel, Fibromyagia and arthritis. But there are things that make it worse  If my feet get too warm they are a nightmare and I have to run them under cold water and to a lesser extent my hands  I can't sleep with my feet touching anything.. Have you been tested for raynards? With Fibro when it's cold the blood vessels in my hands expand and this causes hand (not sure about feet) pain due to the extra blood supply  this won't show in neurological testing. Just a couple of thoughts there for you. Hope you get some answers . 
  • Cestmoi15
    Cestmoi15 Member Posts: 5 Listener

    Found this link. Forgot to mention that I also have Carpal Tunnel. I'm slowly disintegrating. 


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