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Direct payments in neath & port talbot

HappyMrsP Member Posts: 1 Listener
Hiya everyone. I am Mrs P and have been a long time reader but never posted.

I have come to have a bit of a rant after the way ive been spoken to recently by the people in direct payments in neath & port talbot. They are the rudest people i have ever spoken to and should not be supporting anyone who is vulnerable at all. They are incredibley patronizing and speak to people like they are babies. Worst still is that they dont have any patience and talk over you 

the manager used to be called maddie and she was lovley to talk to and spoke to me like a human being but must have gone because the women i spoke to last said that she was the manager. i thought if that was the manager then weve got some bad problems.

Im a tough cookie but was upset coming off the phone after speaking to her but mainly because she was the straw to break the camels back after the day i had.

The person i spoke to a few weeks before christmas was also like a stropping teenager and was very short with me when embarassingly i couldnt remember what id phoned for.

I wish id asked them both if theyd talk to their mother like that.

My social worker isnt much use either as she never gets back to me. Im not a nag or a complainer and i know that every one is snowed in work so dont phone often but i would like a bit of respect. 

If they are rude again i would like to complain but to who? the manager is the problem and the social worker has varnished into thin air.

Sorry for ranting but i needed to let it out. Mrs P x



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