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I'm going to be sacked!!???!!

shepshep Member Posts: 6 Listener
edited January 2019 in Employment and careers
Hello all,
I have fibro and various skeletal problems yet can work or so I thought..
My work have carried out a fit for work assessment giving me a random unsuitable and dangerous chair and allowing me different work hours which was a long time coming but fine.I had mentioned the chair was wrong for me but nothing happened.
Over Christmas I caught a chest infection and was absent for 6 working days which resulted in my manager calling me at home to say they will likely terminate my employment due to unfulfillment of contract.
I have no idea when this will be and it seems so wrong.I queried it since it was a separate illness to my fibro...however I was told it doesn't matter.....it still means I'm being sacked.
Please PLEASE can you tell me is this acceptable???
Thanks for any and all comments.


  • wilkowilko Member Posts: 2,358 Disability Gamechanger
    No it’s not acceptable, and your employer has a duty of care, plus there is a correct procedure to follow before your employment can be terminated because of  health problems. Consult with your union rep or CAB for advice or goggle your question plenty of information on line.
  • shepshep Member Posts: 6 Listener
    Thank you SO much...I was sure it couldn't be so easy for them to do that.
  • MarkmywordsMarkmywords Member Posts: 421 Pioneering
    I recommend that you contact ACAS. An employer must not arbitrarily decide to terminate your employment without consulting you, collecting all the facts and examining all the options.
    ACAS is also the first step if an employee is wrongfully treated and wishes to go to an Employment Tribunal.
    Your employer might try to invite you to enter a Settlement Agreement which is not compulsory but the terms might benefit you. They must legally pay for a lawyer for you if they do.
  • shepshep Member Posts: 6 Listener
    Again invaluable advice,I'll be going in tomorrow and will push for some sort of clarity...IF it transpires that it was an attempt at intimidation I will pursue this wholeheartedly.
    Thank you so much!!
    Just for info my employers don't encourage unionism..they expect us to side with them for the public image.They are a big well respected company...allegedly.
  • Pippa_AlumniPippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,851 Disability Gamechanger
    Welcome to the community @shep!

    This doesn't sound right at all and I'm sorry you've even had to experience this. Well done for being proactive about the situation! How did you get on when you went in?
  • shepshep Member Posts: 6 Listener
    Hello Pippa,
    Thins for the message,I got to work and nobody came for a chat or reiteration of the decision.....I will go to a senior Ops group manager and ask for a face to face explanation.
    Will keep you posted.
  • Pippa_AlumniPippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,851 Disability Gamechanger
    Oh I'm sorry to hear that @shep, do keep us updated and wishing you all the best with it.
  • shepshep Member Posts: 6 Listener
    Hello all,
    Here's the most outrageous update so far...
    I'd got to work and settled in expecting a manager to take me aside and talk about my sacking....not one of them did so I went and asked one of them why no one had the courtesy to do this she was rather shocked and incredulous asking me to repeat EXACTLY the phone call word for word..
    She said it was not procedure and I had Drs letters which meant I would not be sacked.I burst into angry tears at this point.
    I rightly or wrongly want this awful woman shown up for her nasty ways,what would be my next step do you suggest?
    Thank you all for your support,it has kept me from a dark place.
  • MarkmywordsMarkmywords Member Posts: 421 Pioneering
    You could start by secretly logging everything negative that is said. Without evidence there is little that you can do. Perhaps you could either refuse to take any more calls on your personal phone or get a call-recording app. for it.
    It might be just one rogue, bullying manager rather than a wider plot to remove you. It sounds as though not all management feel the same way. The rogue might be hoping you will quit.
  • shepshep Member Posts: 6 Listener
    Hello,I think you are absolutely right regarding a'rogue manager",I have got details dates and witnesses for all the inappropriate behaviour this woman exhibits so please would you advise me on my next step?
    Many thanks to you.
  • MarkmywordsMarkmywords Member Posts: 421 Pioneering
    Firstly, never assume an organisation will do the right thing. They might decide an employee isn't worth the aggravation.
    If you have an HR department then tell them you wish to make a complaint as you feel you are being victimised. If you work in a smaller organisation then tell your line manager that you need to make a complaint unless that is who is doing it. If so then go over their head to the next manager up.
    Either way they should tell you how the organisation handles such things.
    Forget about witnesses though as people put themselves first. Consider it a bonus if they stand with you.
    If things don't get better, or worse they escalate, then call ACAS.
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