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I should have been receiving SDP for several years

Waylay Member Posts: 971 Pioneering
Just put in a request for backdating worth almost 8,000GBP.

Severe Disability Premium Eligibility

1. You get either:
   - Income-related ESA, or

2. You get one of:
    - PIP daily living component
    - AFIP
    - DLA care component at the middle or highest rate
    - Attendance Allowance (or Constant Attendance Allowance paid with Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit or War Pension)

3. Nobody gets Carer's Allowance of the carer's element of UC for looking after you

4. You count as living alone:
This is straightforward if you're the only person in your household. However, certain people can be disregarded from your "household", and therefore you can still count as living alone with a house full of people.

Disregard the following:

- anybody under 18

- anybody aged 18 to 19 who is a 'qualifying young person' (still in non-advanced education)

- anybody who also gets a qualifying benefit (Attendance Allowance - either rate, Disability Living Allowance - middle or high rate care, Personal Independence Payment - daily living component or Armed Forces Independence Payment)

- anybody who is registered as severely sight impaired or blind

- a boarder or subtenant (but not a close relative) who pays you on a commercial basis
- a landlord (but not a close relative) who you pay on a commercial basis
- a co-owner of the property (but not a close relative)
- in a shared house/flat, anybody who makes separate rent payments to the landlord (but not a close relative

There are other situations in which someone is disregarded but these are the most common one

There are separate rules for couples.

It's complicated, so do your research or get some help. The thing that applies to me is that I've been living in a shared house for 1.5 years, and before that with a landlord.
Landlord: Not related to me, and I was paying commercial rent (with a tenancy agreement).
Shared house: None of my housemates are related to me, and they all have separate tenancy agreements with our landlord.

The DWP is supposed to figure this out and send you a letter about SDP, but they often don't. Could this be you?

SDP is ~64/week!


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