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Family and financial issues

Lambie Member Posts: 1 Listener
I’m a Mum/Carer to my 3 kids 16,22 and 24, they all have different Autisms as well as other disorders, syndromes and Mental Health issues. I myself also have Mental Health issues. CPTSD, severe Anxiety, moderate depression and Ocd. As well as Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, MES well as other Health issues.
I divorced 7 years ago after nearly 24 years married to a monster. Hence my mental health problems now,and my kids mental health. 
He has remarried but stil stalks us all, knows everything about what we do etc. We go out and are looking over our shoulder. I had to sell our home as he was blackmailing and threatening me to sell. I could not afford to live so had no choice but to sell. The people that bought our home were buying to let so we now rent. However as my ex managed to fiddle me out of a lot of money I didn’t get much and now my money is running out. 
I have tried twice to claim pip for myself but was turned down as they said I Care for my kids so I can look after myself. I’ve given it a year and I’m going to try again.  He stole the savings from our daughters( we started up bank accounts for All our kids when they were born. He closed and emptied the girls accounts almost £2,000 to pay for his new wedding.
Now he has half from the house sale, works full time in London as a Tax Inspector/investigator. His wife works full time and they run their own eBay shop at the weekends. They have holidays and waltz around in a Mercedes, oh, and henow owns a house with his new wife. 
Me and the kids haven’t had a holiday in over 10 years. Soon won’t have enough to live or pay rent or bills. He is living his life. I’m living in a house with sooo many horrible memories ( CPTSD) and it’s making me iller by the day. I can’t move anywhere else as they say( Council) that I have a roof over my head they won’t even put me on the waiting list. Because of my ex my eldest daughter now has Body dismorphia.
Im at my lowest point and not sure the way out! I’m a strong woman normally but I’ve been put under sooo much stress and what with all the pain I have to deal with in a daily basis and looking after my kids needs I’m exhausted.
Any ideas would be gratefully received.
Thank you!
Love and Light to all.✨??? Xxx



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