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Claire - what exercise equipment do you recommend?

dth2m5 Member Posts: 11 Listener
What kind of exercise equipment do you recommend for someone with sciatica and general back chronic pain?

We have been thinking of a vibrating foam roller for back stretch/massage, exercise bands, and maybe a roman exercise chair.

Thank you so much! 


  • Ghost4287
    Ghost4287 Member Posts: 13 Connected
    I have a TENS machine which is useful and I find swimming can be useful.
  • dth2m5
    dth2m5 Member Posts: 11 Listener
    edited January 2019
    Whoah that's inTENSe. Bad puns all day ::Drum rolls::. Which one did you get?
  • fenfisher
    fenfisher Member Posts: 18 Connected
    Try the one from Lloyds’s chemist I find it helps a bit but I have it on for hours at a time
  • dth2m5
    dth2m5 Member Posts: 11 Listener
    Great. We'll take a look.

    What are your guys' thoughts on a vibrating foam roller?
  • ClaireSaul
    ClaireSaul Member Posts: 92 Pioneering
    Evening Doug,

    I have a vibrating massager (that sounds dodgy.....not sure how to describe it! Firm cushion....) that hubby bought a few years ago.  My pain was completely uncontrolled - this was before my spinal cord stimulator - and I couldn't cope with the vibration, it just seemed to ramp up the sciatica.  But.....more recently I have found it helps and I think maybe maybe the vibration helps act as a deterrent, maybe in a similar way to TENS and my scs.  A roller sounds a bit more gentle so I would give it a go!

    Swimming is a great form of exercise - if your nerve pain can tolerate the water temperature (I can't), but most advice seems to be to stay away from breast stroke.  I do have a friend who swears by her hot tub! Not on most of our radars sadly.

    I do use exercise bands for resistance exercises - great for me as I dislocate easily and regularly so struggle with weights or sometimes supporting my own body weight.  The same physio who got me using bands, also recommended a gym ball for sitting exercises to build up the core.  I have recently been introduced to Plexus wheels (other makes out there I believe) which are another form of massaging the back but also building up muscles.....worth a look, but I haven't had enough experience to give a really honest opinion though and they are quite pricey.

    Not sure about the roman exercise chair - will have to look that one up!  After my original back surgery aged 21 I took up yoga which I think probably kept me going until my back completely gave up on me aged 39.  Since I have tried to keep up some of the core work and stretches but swapped to pilates - I follow videos on You tube as I couldn't manage a full length class now, nor the cost.  I will try to remember to look up some links and post tomorrow.

    Finally, as bed is calling, for a slightly more energetic workout (my kids would laugh) I try to use my neighbour's exercise bike and treadmill - walking you understand, not running!!  I would walk outside, but it is very hilly here and I just can't manage to walk in the same way that I can on the treadmill with the zimmer frame like handles!!  If you are like me some of the pilates might be a bit too slow, despite the pain.

    Wow....hadn't meant to write so much.  Hope this is slightly useful, Doug!

    Claire Saul
    Chronic Pain Advisor
    [email protected]
  • dth2m5
    dth2m5 Member Posts: 11 Listener
    Claire, thank you! Very useful. Do you follow an exercise program of any sort? Roman chair, my physical therapist, who happens to be my friend and co-worker swears by them.

    Wow, you have a wealth of knowledge. Thanks for contributing. Looking forward to those links!

  • wilko
    wilko Member Posts: 2,457 Disability Gamechanger
    Hell hello and welcome, I would strongly recommend you have an appointment with a Physiotherapist private or NHS referred from your GP. He or she will know just the right exercises to give you and make sure you are doing them safely and properly, plus you will get a follow up appointment to se how you are coping. I hah this for a knee operation recovery then years later had a six week back class physo session plus a one to one with a specialist neurological physiotherapist who was able to tel what I was sufering from before i received my formal diagnosis  of MS. So don’t go doing things that might hurt or make your condition worst seek proper advice.


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