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Not having any freedom and independence

Sholay09 Member Posts: 91 Courageous
edited October 2021 in Autism and neurodiversity
Hello I am 20 years old going to be 21 years old in April this year and I am feeling really angry with everyone saying unhelpful and negative things to me when I only want to be more independent and have more freedom as I am now a grown up and when I say that I only want to be more independent and do more things for myself because unfortunately nobody else is going to take care of me at all. I am really sick of the same situation and abuse still going on and I really want this to end now as I also only want to have more control and power over my own life, learn more life skills and do more things for myself like look after myself more and to get on with my life without anyone trying to control me or tell me what to do, put me down, say things like I am only young as this makes me even more in rage because I am only asking people to treat me how I should be treated. I just wish that everyone would finally listen to a lot of things that I say a bit more properly like to change and improve things for me and to treat me how I should be treated like every other individual and to not do or say certain things to me anymore.


  • Pippa_Alumni
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    Thank you for sharing this with us @Sholay09, and sorry to hear you're feeling frustrated. Who do you feel is holding you back? Can you explain to them how you're feeling?
  • thespiceman
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    Hello @Sholay09 Please can I tell you not only young people get told a lot of negativity and have problems like you self.

    I am 55 this year and still get put down and used and abused like a doormat.

    Have to admit what does not help. Is this perception of myself. People see my disability all of a minute a moment feel the patronising, condescending attitude.

    Suddenly they realise not so stupid at all. This is a common assumption.  Always had to prove myself and if and when finished talking to me . Have the stunned looks on their own faces.

    I think what is important here is to find what you need to make you self realise that there are always going to be people be critical of you. Have a judgement a opinion.

    Whether it is family or work or friends.

    May I add one thing your important.  The best friend you have is you.  We live in a society where being cared for is slowly dwindling and receding.

    A lot of it is down to Government policies. The social structure of the community we live in.

    What is happening to you is unfortunate but you have to realise the Country is breaking down we live in.

    No one likes to be treated unfairly and the experiences of having some one being not very pleasant. Not listening to you.  Anything you say.

    Had this many times.  Only last year joined a group all my own age range.  They all talked and when silence I started to talk.

    Then they all get up and disappear.  Ended up me getting more anxiety and frustration so made a pact for myself. Do I need this.

    Anytime feel hurt and abused no one listening to me can not be bothered to be friendly. Leave and move on.

    Remember you are not alone . Being part of this community. We share and care. Always here to listen anytime you wish to.

    Pleasure to talk to you.

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