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thespiceman Member Posts: 6,390 Disability Gamechanger
Hello my friends any one gets anxiety about the weather.  Got loads of snow, this morning.

Woke up this morning with anxiety . Got chest pains and just feel nausea.  On edge a lot.

Do live in a rural village had the knowledge last time got trapped in.

Got a full freezer and plenty of stores till next week. 

I know sounds silly about the snow but a lot of it last time had panics.

Ran out of meds .

This time for some reasons have the anxiety.  Symptoms I know so well. I do understand may be due to heating on the costs.

Another worry.

Like to share and care.

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  • mossycow
    mossycow Member Posts: 488 Pioneering
    Hey @spiceman, sorry you've woken up feeling it. 

    Not silly... I mean.. You sound very sensible. Sorted out food, meds after bad experience before... I mean I guess our mistakes and anxiety makes us more prepared the next time! And sounds like you've cracked it. 

    However, yuck. I have generalised anxiety, kept at bay by occasional beta blockers if normal worries become panic or anxiety. So I have some empathy at how AWFUL symptoms of anxiety are. I have other coping things... 

    Have you, do you feel well equipped in terms of coping strategies? You could call your go if you need advice.?

    In terms of heating costs. It sounds like you are on the one hand thinking about long terms cost.... But at the same time using the heating which again sounds like exactly what we should be doing. I have conprimised, got heating on low but also heated blanket and lots of clothes when resting, hot drinks, staying in one room etc but at the same time... Sensible to have heating on even if just low. 

    Again  sounds like you're in control, thinking carefully... But your brain has run away with itself. That's how I think about so hope that's not offensive.

    I had crappy morning.. For various reasons but not too bad. I decided to stop for an hour... Watch TV about food (which nearly always cheers me up! And makes me want to cook!) have a cup of tea and make some quick pancakes witha  random tub of chia seeds in coconut milk... Random I know but I though aha! Instead of binning this failed food experiment I will teat myself and fry was lush.... Sorry for that tangent! 

    Do you live alone spice man? 

    And also... Your the expert, while I've got you... What shall I do with some delciious chicken thighs I've been saving for the weekend? Mmmmm...... 
  • Pippa_Alumni
    Pippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,799 Disability Gamechanger
    Thank for sharing this with us @thespiceman, and so sorry to hear you're feeling anxious. Glad that you're as prepared as possible!
  • thespiceman
    thespiceman Member Posts: 6,390 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello  @mossycow Thank you for replying to my post.

    I am always grateful.  I know I thought mention the anxiety because do know others the same.

    All I can add is the concern I have with the feelings of anxiety are never easy to deal with.

    May I also say like what you have written. Sharing your thoughts and observations.

    I am too on meds but do have and try to cope what ever I can deal with.

    I do live alone but this my salvation and prayers being here sharing and caring.

    Being part of a community.

    I understand every one has different ways of coping with anxiety. I know myself am always prepared for this weather or any disaster.

    Including before bad weather starts be on line sorting out clothes and essentials.  Thank you on line shopping.

    I do that by the way look at food channels. Get my ideas and use them for a twist or a different take.

    Favourites at the moment Jaime anything by him and Diner Drive ins and Drives.

    That is how I can inspire any of my community to make simple food.



    You need the following.

    Onions, Carrots sliced use two per person.  Carton of Passata 500g plus stock cube . Use Chicken made up to make a sauce with Passata.

    Herbs use Dried Rosemary, Thyme half teaspoon each.

    Or Sage, Parsley.  Fennel seeds are used in Italian recipes like this for  help with digestion. So use 1 teaspoon. Any bean or pulse dish.

    You can add spices here if you wish to. Chilli flakes one quarter teaspoon or Paprika. 1 teaspoon.

    Done this with Cinnamon or Ground Coriander  1 teaspoon of each.

    Cannellini Beans and Tin of Butterbeans drained.  Rinsed.

    Tom puree, Tomato ketchup a tiny bit or a pinch of sugar. to balance the acidity.

    With this sauce you can go in other directions make it your own. Add Tin cherry tomatoes other beans and pulses. Add those lardons of bacon fry off.

    Have you seen those jars of roasted red peppers buy those blend or use food processor or chop and dice in . Different take.  


    Dice and chop vegetables.  In a stockpot with oil.  Used olive oil.

    Add herbs and season and spices. Colour.

    Add after a few minutes Chicken seal in stockpot.  You could if you wish to and I do this seal meat separately and fry colour then add after veggies coloured.

    Thinking of washing up.

    Add Passata and stock and beans cover till Chicken cooked through taste.  Check with a knife if juices run clear. Usually after about forty minutes or a little more.

    With this recipe make it your own add Celery or Mushrooms very adaptable.

    Add in Potatoes with beans if you so wish. I do. Helps to thicken up the sauce.

    Hope any of this helps you.

    Only too happy to help.

    Thanks very much.

    Take care.


    Community Champion
    SCOPE Volunteer Award Engaging Communities 2019
    Mental Health advice, guidance and information to all members
    Nutrition, Diet, Wellbeing, Addiction.
  • mossycow
    mossycow Member Posts: 488 Pioneering
    OooOoooO that sounds lush thanks. 

    Yeah, I've just discovered Jamie and Jimmy's Friday night feast and can't believe I've not watched it longer! So I'm watching them from series 1 while I do jobs in the kitchen. But not today... Felt a bit off colour. Hoping just tired. 

    I enjoy experimenting with food and always like your posts. My mum got us a soup maker for Xmas which.. I guess I never thought I needed... Till I had one!! Been doing alsorts in it! Also like to spend £2 per week on a random ingredient I've not much experience with a 's a treat for saving money elsewhere.... Last week I bought some uncooked polenta which has been fun... Sprinkled some on spuds in oven and it was AMAZEBALLS crunchy..... This week I bought a small pack of silky tofu... 

    I had a total jackpot 2 weeks ago as Morrisons had loads of shitake mushrooms reduced to 39p a punnet...

    Having a Friday treat tonight.... A while ago I cached away some reduced minute beef steak and some nice crusty bread.... We're having beef sandwiches with salad... It's lush... 

    Eaten anything delicious recently? 

    Sorry.... I love many many things but I love talking and asking people about food.. .. 
  • mossycow
    mossycow Member Posts: 488 Pioneering
    My husband asked if you sell spices as he looked over my shoulder and read the recipe and said it sounded like you knew spices... 
  • thespiceman
    thespiceman Member Posts: 6,390 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @mossycow You doing OK thanks for comments.

    Sorry bit late getting back to you.  Understand have been watching TV. Like yourself.

    Thank you for appreciating what I do.  Cooking has to be simple. What is cooking the applying of heat to meat or fish.

    Using ingredients and making sound decisions whether this will work or become a flop or failure or a success.

    All starts with simplicity.  I look towards the Italian cook book and Cuisine of that country.

    Plus the food of Southern Europe, Greece, France and Spain.

    Once you understood the concept the idea that every ingredient is treasured. Less is more then you can identify creating food. We live to eat they eat to live.  Often very poor countries and regions.

    Used to eat British food on large plates piled high and over seasoned and eat till the I was bursting. Living with my family a long time ago.

    Even then found the British diet hurting me mentally and some what physically.  All changed in my early twenties met Italian families and used to go to lunch or evening meal.

    Many were market stall holders or ran other businesses all I know changed over night.

    Seeing what they eat and then realising the utter enjoyment of soup or a pasta dish created from next to nothing.  This I have learnt got educated by the families the Nona's and ideas of making creating simple easy food .

    Got into spices through many other communities Greek, Spanish and Indian.  Chinese influences like them and all of Asia a lot of similarities.  Between the cuisine of the Med and certain aspects of Chinese cooking.  So many links.

    Greeks have an appetite for pasta and have many dishes for pasta.

    Started looking at how spices are used every day.  Use spice subtle and hint of Cinnamon with Chicken.  Chilli and Paprika in many countries cuisine. Simple and easy to think of how to use them.

    Never over powering add to that found my health after addiction could not cope with over counter meds.

    Use and did a lot of research. We in our culture do not use spices, herbs for medicine . In Indian and Chinese they do.

    Use them every day.  Educated myself still learning.

    One tip make a note of what you like spice or herb then you can remember next time.  In a recipe.

    Only too glad to just help and keep in touch. Anytime you wish to.

    Take care.


    Community Champion
    SCOPE Volunteer Award Engaging Communities 2019
    Mental Health advice, guidance and information to all members
    Nutrition, Diet, Wellbeing, Addiction.
  • thespiceman
    thespiceman Member Posts: 6,390 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @mossycow Good morning I forgot to add from last night.

    Stock and sauce remaining is your next meal your soup for Sunday.

    Add in any left over veggies and Pasta or Beans to make Minestrone.

    In a lot of the recipes I do make extra stock and sauce for that purpose.

    Chicken Minestrone and Sausage Soup are ones that you can make. If you wish to add any meat. I understand my own body and try to eat a veggie dish after any meat the day before. All helps with digestion. Saving money as well.

    Pads out the freezer and fridge.  Also helps thinking you might not need to buy too much food because with these recipes are very filing.

    Also may I point out look at Coffee Lounge on here.  Plenty of my recipes always happy to share and care.

    Make them your own no problem.

    Speak soon anytime you wish.

    Take care.

    Community Champion
    SCOPE Volunteer Award Engaging Communities 2019
    Mental Health advice, guidance and information to all members
    Nutrition, Diet, Wellbeing, Addiction.


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