Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
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cjroots3cjroots3 Member Posts: 4 Listener
Hi hi I am on CB/sea support group and sent in eas3 forms with bank statements. Got letter back saying Thankyou made copies of your statements looking into your claim. I stated on the phone that I also had an ISA account that my mother put money into for me for dental/vets bills etc. It is under £16000  but above £5,500 at the moment. The account did not open till 2013 and I moved on to ESA in 2012.This Week I had phone call from lady saying they where looking into my claim but she just kept asking me about my savings, even though I have been perfectly honest. I told her I rang dip to check when the Isa was open and they said it was fine if savings are under £16000.I mention this to her and she said oh yes that's ok, but still kept going back and asking me to state my savings, then said you know this call is being recorded. I am now paranoid I have done something wrong.I stated on my phone I had an ISA but I sent current accounts in, because I had to request some more ISA statements from bank. But they have never asked for them. Is she asking because they are going to means test my back pay, I do not know how they can work it out without knowing when my savings went over £5,500. I know I am on CB/sea, so I a, confused


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    Hi @cjroots3, and a warm welcome to the community! Hopefully some of our members will be able to offer some guidance with this.
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    PIP isn't means tested so any savings won't affect the amount of PIP you claim.

    Contributions based ESA also isn't means tested and savings don't affect that.

    The income related top up you're being assessed for is affected by savings. The lower amount of savings at the time means that anything over this amount will affect any income related top up £1 for every £250 over that amount. Savings of £16,000 and you won't be entitled to any income related top up on your ESA.

    DWP will assess you for all of this and it can take 12 weeks for a decision. Once it's made they'll write to you.
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  • cjroots3cjroots3 Member Posts: 4 Listener
    Thankyou for your reply, I had no savings in 2012 and I was under £5,500 in 2013 , but  been over that amount, since late 2014, although under £16000, I just do not no how they can work out without my ISA statements, doubt I will get anything, but was worried I had done something wrong and they where going to take money off my CB/ESA. My savings are just over £11,000 at the moment, so not expecting anything, but that's money my parents put in for me as I had to use all mine when I became ill with cancer. Thankyou for your help.
  • cjroots3cjroots3 Member Posts: 4 Listener
    Just a quick update. Got a letter from DWP yesterday saying I am not getting any back pay as my Contribution based ESA is higher than what Income Related ESA would be. I get £110.75 a week, so not quite sure how they think that. Guess it's more to do with savings, although I had none other n 2012 and was below £6000 in 2013 and part 2014. Anyway good look everyone else and Thankyou for all the help and advice on here envy one.
  • cjroots3cjroots3 Member Posts: 4 Listener
    Hi hi just received a letter this morning saying I am getting £142.15 a week this change because of changes to savings it gives years from 2012 till 2017 and looks like I should have been getting a pound more in 2013 £2 2014 and £3 2015 onwards. Still says I am on contribution based ESA and will pay you £105.05. I am assuming the £37 is some kind of back pay but says will be £142.15 from 19 March. Does this mean I am on income related now? I am very confused
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