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PIP award for two years

wideyes Member Posts: 18 Connected
edited February 2019 in PIP, DLA, and AA
I applied for PIP October 2 2018 and have been on an indefinite Dla award higher rate mobility lower care for years . Today I received outcome of award starting with enhanced Mobility standard care only for 2 years 

the pip starts Feb 27 2019 . When Dla stops and pip takes over , will I receive the difference in more money from the application date Oct 2 2018 ?

i have a copy of assessors report and a recorded tape . My advocate was present and witnessed assessor reports containing lies and distorted facts 

I was in my wheelchair recovering from my third serious surgery to my hip and I suffer with ME chronic fatigue for years . Recently had a relapse swot 18 2018 leaving me bedridden m
assessor refused to read medical reports which are very detailed 

used excuse because I can hold onto 2 crutches I can stand prepare my meals 

at end of assessment she made me sign a form to confirm she kept one recorded tape

she wrote “ because I could hold a piece of paper in my right hand and use a pinch grip pen sign with left hand I can use lightweight pots and pans to stand prepare all meals 

I had a detailed OT hand therapist report stating aggressive osteoarthritis both hands exacerbated by holding two crutches post surgery for 7 months !
 She asked me to move my operated leg while in my wheelchair which I could not and instead she wrote I refused to move my leg !

i had not had any physio up to 4 weeks prior to assessment 
which was 5 months no physio after surgery as I had 2 major muscles stretched drilled back into my hip bone 

i have a medical negligence case against nhs for a hip replacement leaving me with no feeling in left foot and detached muscles off hip bone .

neurosurgery then my third surgery 5 months prior to face to face assessment 

should I use solicitor re challenging this assessment instead of requesting a mandatory consideration myself ?

as I have been told by solicitor he has managed to get many cases overturned at mandatory consideration instead of waiting to get to tribunal 


  • wilko
    wilko Member Posts: 2,449 Disability Gamechanger
    Reading your post when you where on DLA then required to migrate to PIP the awards are the same except the time length. If you are not satisfied with your award you can request an MR and  if not satisfied go for a tribunal, employing a solicitor seems an unnecessary exspence on your part.
  • JCC
    JCC Member Posts: 38 Courageous
    My daughter has similar problems and recently underwent an assessment showing she could pick up a piece of paper, etc.  Her care component has been reduced to Standard Rate PIP.  I advised her to make a telephone call to request a mandatory reconsideration.  My daughter was taken through ALL of the changes applicable to her and found it to be very helpful but it was suggested that she askfor a more detailed letter from her GP which hopefully she will receive today.  My daughter also wanted to write a response to the assessment which I have helped her with as she struggles to hold a pen.
     We will wait and see the out come but I believe it to be very useful to request a mandatory reconsideration but it must be done within I months of the date on the award notification, not when you receive the letter. 
  • Yadnad
    Yadnad Posts: 2,856 Connected
    In my last assessment (2017) the assessor noted that I had hold of some documents and kept referring to them throughout the assessment. 
    The laughable thing about those documents is that they were the order to attend the assessment and my passport. As for continually referring to them I never looked at them and why would I?


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