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I have been disabled since i had 2 strokes..

sv123 Member Posts: 1 Listener
I've been registered disabled since 2002 when I had 2 strokes.  Since then I've suffered with them and TIA'S on multiple occasions.  I've been diagnosed with Prothrombin Gene Variant which is a problem with the blood.  Within the last 7 seven I had to have my large colon out as a blood clot had killed it.  During the op I died but they managed to revive me. I died again in the hospital ward so they had to take me back into the operating theatre where I died again on 2 occasions.   

I also have Malleus Pemphigoid which is a skin disease and apparently I'll have it for life because of my blood disease.

I have 4 screwes and an iron bar in my left wrist because I fell and broke it in 2 places.  Because of this I have arthritis in my hand.

I also have arthritis in my spine.

Other than that I'm fine.



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