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Reassessment pip asking others for further information..who will they ask?

littlescot Member Posts: 1 Listener
edited February 2019 in PIP, DLA, and AA
Hi I don’t know how to condense this. I was very unwell- I don’t seek help, engage with professionals, or any doctors etc. I got so unwell I was sectioned under emergency conditions. This resulted in ECT without my consent as ‘ my life was at risk’. Fought to get out which I did after two months but was on a Compulsory Treatment Order. I was readmitted within a couple of weeks..sent to an eating disorder unit...ended with me almost dying..kidneys/liver failing. I was  fed via nasal tube as I refused to eat, confined to bed with 24hr supervision.. I was never left alone..wasn’t allowed to do anything for myself. I spent seven months in hospital. When released I wouldn’t engage with anyone, I don’t trust anyone. I was having my order extended as the belief was without supervision I’d die. I refused to attend tribunal, it was extended but out of the blue my psychiatrist reversed his decision and discharged my CTO. Whilst I felt thrilled at not using and wasting vital services it left me confused and my health is deteriorating again. This had been traumatic. My family had applied for pip on my behalf which was awarded without question as I’d bern diagnosed with Anorexia and Severe/Clinical Depression. I won’t admit either or how much I struggle in case I’m taken away again. As I’m being told after 6mobths they want to reassess I’m distraught. As much as I don’t want to accept help in Pip I have to. My worry is because I won’t engage..I don’t have long list of information to supply but nothing has changed for me. I don’t go out, answer phone/door/ open mail. I feel sick with worry..stress anxiety compounds my depression which affects eating which is a vicious circle. I absolutely cannot attend an interview..I’m suicidal over my whole health issues. What do you do? I can’t admit I’m unwell for fear of being sectioned again..I won’t attend support groups because I can’t. I don’t take medication now as I feel more unwell and I’ll hoard it and overdose. What can I do? Who are they asking for more information and with being discharged from CTO does this mean my circumstances have changed? My psychiatrist feels I needed further help but acknowledged the stress and anxiety caused by being forced to engage was more detrimental to me at this time! 


  • Yadnad
    Yadnad Posts: 2,856 Connected
    My opinion - someone in your family should contact your GP in the first instance. Secondly someone, preferably your GP should immediately contact the DWP/assessing company to explain your issues.


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