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Hi, my name is ShakeyRed!

ShakeyRed Member Posts: 4 Listener
Hi everyone and thank you for what, I have no doubt, will be some sound advice and shared life experiences.

Some 16 years ago I was diagnosed as having obstructive sleep apnoea after my wife had begged me to go to the doctors. After testing I was told that my case I had severe OSA as I suffered with an average of 60 apnoeas an hour. OSA is usually found in men over 40 who have excess weight.

At that time of my diagnosis I was average weight, very active and 28 years old. I played football on a weekend, went golfing twice a week and played badminton with my wife and another couple.

Since OSA I have also developed a heart condition, diagnosed with depression & anxiety and last year, due to an increasingly poor diet over the last ten years, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

On the bright side since the diabetes diagnosis I have changed my lifestyle and have lost 6 stone in weight since april 2018.

Thank you



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