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g7iqj Member Posts: 33 Connected
CLAIMED  UC on 2 jan 2019  . first paynment due 8th feb friday .  had message in journal    from coach  to say need to book appointment   further avedence needed .   booked mon 11 feb 11am .    had no paynment when due 8 feb 1st one .  met coach informed     because i work  part time   0 zero to 1-3 days  week . i declared capatil l  over £6k  under £16 k   needed to see @ paynments  up to date  banck statenment the one they had dated 15 dec  i get them on 20th each mouth . so got one from banck for them  ok .    today 12 feb  rang DWP/ UC   said had all info needed yes i due paynment , its now over due .  fpr the reason its gone to  DECSTION MAKER    CANT PAY ME TILL DECSTION BEEN MADE but it all be back dated . However it could take weeks  keep eye on my journal what says i bee paid 23 days not had 1st one yet .    ALSO  iam due to go on governtment  backed  course  25 feb   2 weeks .   need JOBCENTRE  to sign stamp @ form to say iam on U/C . want do this  till decstion  maker made his decstion   1 big mess   so much for  TRYING HELP YOURSELF   NOT HELP / SUPPORT    GOVERNTMENT / DWP  JUST LOAD HOOPES  GO THROUGH ANY ADVICE   .   ADRIAN . 


  • Tarpuk4
    Tarpuk4 Member Posts: 34 Connected
    Isn't it just so frustrating, I really don't think they know what they are doing and doesn't appear to be much communication between departments. I really don't know how they can make such a **** up especially when all evidence needed was provided by yourself.
    I'm sorry to read that it looks like you will miss out on the government backed course as they are not going to sign/stamp the form in time xx
  • clarkjohnson
    clarkjohnson Member Posts: 210 Pioneering
    Hello tarpuk your right very frustrating isn't it it makes you wonder doesn't it . Tc 
  • g7iqj
    g7iqj Member Posts: 33 Connected
    OK   bit i cant get my head round WHY gone to destion maker  now can take weeks ??.  STAFF dwp just doing there job flawed system  iam  lucky work part time bit savings  lot not so lucky  whole system designed  against the claimant  force you to take except any work  lot worse  JSA/ ESA MORE CLAIMANT  freindly . just try work around course hope get destion next 2 weeks  as iam 55 single althoiugh iam sochial housing teanant  get housing benefit part + basic allowance  again  spend full time 35 hours  on job search activity  so any work you do adds to 35 hours week total  basic is if u earn over min wage £7.38 x 35 hours =£275 week MY UC stopped any way .  UC is seen as stop gap to full time employnment     so if imy case do 3 days week 30 hours  for AGYENTCY   £11 BASIC + OVERTIME OVER 8 HOURS   about £270- £330 week   over top UC CLOSED  WHAT DONT WANT YOU DOING PART TIME CLAIMING UC AS TOP UP PERMANTELY . 


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