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thespiceman Community member Posts: 6,388 Disability Gamechanger
edited February 2019 in Mental health and wellbeing
Hello thought just share some thoughts and feelings about Mental health. 

Self diagnosing if you feel there is something you feel is not right.  Should we feel guilty taking a trip to the Doctors?

I mentioned this because saw a report other day.  World wide 70% of young adults never get proper treatment.

I know my own situation was difficult in the first initial appointment.  With some one who would understand.  Been these sensations of just not wanting to do anything at all.

Whether it is doing the simple things turning into a crisis.  There again looking back always thought been like that. My teens troubled and no where to go and things to do.

Living with parents and the restrictions and much other relevant stuff. Realised this is the 20th Century then not the Victorian period. Living an environment doubting must share this with a Doctor.

This was the 70's and living in small village who is going to listen to a teenager with down, depressed, low mood swings. Amounts of anger and hostility.

Back to the time had talking to those with mental illness. I was realising I was the same as them in some instances.  You sort of think is this true I be like my friends.

I do know reading and researching some aspects of mental health I was getting huge amounts of guilty emotions and feelings.  Should I go to the Doctors ?

 Even when I was addicted to alcohol thought then not thinking straight here. Is this the alcohol talking.?  I know now some of the problems with anxiety and the other where related plus taking illicit substances plagues your mind and conscious..

Only by leaving the clutches of my parents realised the mental state of my mind was in doubt.

Am I ill.  Only by accessing the Doctors discussing the symptoms and the related. I recall first time spoke about it.  See him writing notes from previous patient he is not listening is he.  Me becoming frustrated, angry and well listen to me

Understanding what is happening to me .

As I moved along with my mental health after been given the diagnosis of anxiety with depression.  Succession of treatments, addiction stopped.  On permanent medication.

Recently the media seems nearly every day a story to share from celebrities to share about their issues and problems regarding their mental health.

If this means the spotlight on mental health. Make people aware of their mental health. Feel the need to see a Doctor because feel something is not right. All for that .

Even if that means consulting the web and Dr. Google should we as a community feel guilty for looking and reading any thing to self diagnosis .

Went last year for a review of medication and me mentioned some new worries and anxieties.  My Doctor very patient and tolerant in a calm manner. Just said please come down and talk to me.

I think that is right.  Thing to do.

I always have concern on this community for new members who come on and speak about there problems and issues. Regarding their lifestyles and lives. I can identify what they are going through.

As a community champion have a wealth of knowledge and experience.  Do know and support all those going through mental health difficulties.

No matter what if you self diagnosis of something is not right.   Please speak to your GP.

We as community champions are not Doctors but many of us have had mental health issues and problems.

One final point. Mental health charities of which are many are very much now realising the impact of mental health on communities.

Some have Open Health days where you can attend and visit. Seek support, advice and help.  Often other services there. Like welfare, addiction and other signposting.

Also just useful to know. Might be worth a look.  Something to consider.

With help and support, coping methods and strategies.   CBT and mindfulness the way forward is promising for those wishing have guidance and help.

As for me still reading, learning and educating myself.  As do for my own personal mental health.  Anything useful pass on to the community.  In many posts I write with lots of tips and ideas.

My recipes, wellbeing health and anything else.  Mental health related.

Pleasure to talk to you all.


Community Champion
SCOPE Volunteer Award Engaging Communities 2019
Mental Health advice, guidance and information to all members
Nutrition, Diet, Wellbeing, Addiction.


  • clarkjohnson
    clarkjohnson Community member Posts: 210 Pioneering
    Thanks for that very interesting ?
  • Antonia_Alumni
    Antonia_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 1,780 Pioneering
    Thank you for sharing this with us @thespiceman
  • Gerald
    Gerald Community member Posts: 214 Pioneering
    Hi thespiceman  know do not feel your wrong to be talking about this as I have Mental health problems to just keep going and if you need help ask for it hope you feel okay
  • thespiceman
    thespiceman Community member Posts: 6,388 Disability Gamechanger
    edited March 2019
    Hello @Gerald   Thank you for replying.   Thank you for sharing .

    I wanted to talk about the issues and problems around mental health.  Because the help and support is out there.

    It is finding the right support and the often the right diagnosis.

    As a community champion and a member of this community meet so many people. Who have mental health issues and feel that they can not access the support. 

    Even worse have the issues and problems surrounding mental health yet feel their own Doctors are not listening.

    I was one for a long time.

    Please can I add if you think there is something wrong or you feel the need to talk . Please seek if you can help . 

    This forum has been to me a useful tool because can help and advise be supportive of others like myself.

    If having problems with Doctors I have been there as well. One area I lived in all the Practices were run by a family members. All brothers of an elderly nature.

    Who had no ideas about mental health if they did were archaic and out dated. 

    Bought in advocate from a charity . Changed everything.

    Mean while right now I am doing OK. Continue to do the role on here. Support every one.

    Please my friend if you need to chat or talk get in touch. Happy to share and care.

    You have a friend here.  All of us with mental health have good or bad days no day is the same.

    Being understanding all helps.

    Take care.


    Community Champion
    SCOPE Volunteer Award Engaging Communities 2019
    Mental Health advice, guidance and information to all members
    Nutrition, Diet, Wellbeing, Addiction.
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