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Court case

Mandyat63Mandyat63 Member Posts: 2 Listener
edited February 2019 in PIP, DLA and AA
Hi I don't no if I done this right last time. I have a court case with PIP on the 28th of Feb, they stopped my money even tho things have got worse. I've had cancer 3 times, ovarian 2013 major operation. Bowel cancer 2014 and 2015,another two major ops. My poor body isn't coping too well now, I can't believe PIP are so damn uncaring. I'm really nervous and dreading it. Has anyone else taken them too court, and wat happened??? Thanku


  • fossouxfossoux Member Posts: 32 Connected
    Hi, do not worry about the Tribunal appeal hearing- they are impartial and nothing to do with the DWP or those that assessed you for PIP.

    they will look at your case and assess your medical evidence and see whether it has been applied correctly in your claim.

    There are a high percentage of appeals that are upheld.

    Try to explain how your disability/ condition affects you- you are the best judge of this as you know your body/ mi d better than anyone else. The Tribunal will consist of 3 panel members: a judge who will assess the law, a Doctor who will assist in determining your medical condition and another member that usually has some disability training/ awareness like a social worker.  They will treat you with fairness and ask you to explain your condition/ disability but will not expect you to know the law so will guide you in terms of that.

    Try not to worry too much- they’re human like you and I and understand your circumstances.  The Tribunal will usually inform you of their decision a short while after the hearing has concluded but sometimes they can ask for more information before they decide.  They will also have read your appeal before you go into the room (it’s a normal room unlike a courtroom), so will have the basic facts before you begin to explain, but as I e said, you will be guided through the hearing so don’t worry!

    All the best for the 28th and let the forum know how you get on.
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