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hadders64 Member Posts: 1 Listener
My Son is 26 years of age he has Asperger as well as Mental Heath Issues.
He has just been for a reassessment of his ESA and has scored 0 points in his assessment and it has been stopped.
On reading the comments on the form from the DWP it seemed to concentrate on the fact that he can go for a haircut on his own and can converse with the hairdresser. Yes he can walk the required distances he can raise his hands and he can carry things. He can stand up for periods. What is wrong with him is invisible and cannot be assessed in a twenty minute interview with questions posed by a computer program which in the end says Computer says No!.
This is a guy who spends the day time in his bedroom either asleep or trying to sleep, his indication that his day starts when we decided its time for us to go to bed. He spends his time playing computer games and on his computer they sometimes seem like his only friends and something that he can relate to. Conversation with him is limited in fact it is practically non existent . Yes he can dress himself and yes he can cook a meal most of which are ding ding chicken or ding ding whatever. Yes he keeps clean he should do he takes over the bathroom for two hours at a time.
Myself and my Wife are so frustrated by this tick box assessment we have lived with him for years and know what his capabilities are and accept them he is our son. According to this system someone sat at a computer for twenty minutes can evaluate him and put him in a box. We have known him all his life and we cant lol. so what makes them different.



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